Oxygen Enrichment and Depletion Safety Monitor, Safe-Ox+™

The widespread use of N2, LN2, He or Ar in laboratories poses a potential asphyxiation hazard to personnel. If an inert gas leaks or builds up in a confined area it can deplete the O2 to dangerously low levels. The use of enriched O2 in laboratories poses both a fire risk and hyperoxia risk to personnel if it were to leak or build up in a confined area.

The O2NE+ and Safe-Ox+ from Analox Sensor Tecnhology are an affordable, low maintenance, long life solution to assist in mitigating the risk of using these gases in your laboratory.
  • Long life, low drift sensor lasts up to 7 years
  • Minimum calibration check required - only every 12 months (user maintainable)
  • Simple to read "OK", "Alarm" and "Fault" indication
  • Easy installation and maintenance can be conducted by the user
  • Additional (quick connect) alarm repeaters available if more than one entrance to the laboratory
  • Assists in compliance with Exposure Limit regulations such as EH40
  • Supplied with relays which can be used to trigger ventilation or building management systems etc
Range :0.1 to 25 % O2
Sensor Accuracy :+/- 0.75 % O2 (5.0 to 25.0 %)
Alarm intensity :85 dbA
Monitor display :4 digit LCD
Operating Temperature :0 to 40 °C
Monitor Dimensions :175 x 110 x 75 mm
Alarm Repeater Dimensions :72 x 170 x 45 mm
IP Rating :IP65 (IP43 alarm repeater)
Warranty :2 years electronics (1 year sensor)
Safe-Ox+™ is a simple to use, wall mounted oxygen enrichment and depletion monitor which has 2 audible/visual alarms which will trigger at 23% and 19.5% O2 which means that lab personnel can take evasive action in the event of a gas leak.

Delivery Includes: Main O2 sensor unit with 2 relays and 1 alarm repeater to be placed at the entrance, with mains power supply.
Oxygen Enrichment and Depletion Safety Monitor, Safe-Ox+™

Oxygen Enrichment and Depletion Safety Monitor, Safe-Ox+™

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Oxygen Enrichment and Depletion Safety Monitor, Safe-Ox+™

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