Erlenmeyer flasks, PC

Graduated. Available with, or without, PP screw cap. Autoclavable.
Warning: Lose mechanical strength after multiple autoclaving. Undo cap before autoclaving.
Erlenmeyer flasks, PC

Erlenmeyer flasks, PC

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Erlenmeyer flasks, PC

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TypePKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
125with screwcap (size 33)19.141 4034108-0125
125without screwcap19.141 4094103-0125
250with screwcap (size 38)19.141 4044108-0250
250without screwcap19.141 4104103-0250
500with screwcap (size 43)19.141 4054108-0500
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