Colony Counter Scan® 4000, automatic

Scan® 4000 is an ultra HD automatic colony counter and inhibition zone reader for high resolution color reading of colonies and inhibition zones. Adapted to all sizes of Petri dishes and all media, its lighting system guarantees a great user comfort, high accuracy and excellent reproducibility. Automatic lighting system with 6 combinations, top and/or bottom light, white or black background. Automatic counting and inhibition zone measurement with manual control
  • All stainless steel body
  • Counting: 1000 colonies per second
  • Minimum size of colony: 0.05 mm
  • Color detection: 7 colors on the same dish
  • Long-life white LEDs / Dark Field
  • Counting on e.g. Petri dishes 55 to 150 mm, PetriFilm™ and other plates
  • Inhibition zone reading on 90 to 100 mm round dishes and 120 mm square dishes
  • Maximum number of antibiotics: up to 16 antibiotics on a square 120 mm dish
  • Reading time: measurement of 16 inhibition zones between 2 and 4 seconds maximum
  • Automatic separation of confluent colonies
  • Results: Scan® file, PDF report, jpeg, png, bmp, Excel™
  • LIMS and USB connection
  • Software available in English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian
Camera:Color HD CCD camera and digital zoom x64
Camera Resolution:5 mega-pixels
Lighting:LED/Dark field
Min. colony size:0.05 mm
Counter:1000 colonies per second
Culture dishes:55 to 150 mm, 90 to 100 mm round dishes, 120 mm square dishes
Dimensions (W x D x H):470 x 470 x 640 mm
Weight:24.4 kg
Power supply:100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Colony Counter Scan® 4000, automatic

Colony Counter Scan® 4000, automatic

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Colony Counter Scan® 4000, automatic

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