Automatic Vacuum Controller CVC 3000

Extremely versatile vacuum controller for the laboratory.

No configuration required. Just connect and the CVC 3000 will identify all apparatus with VACUU·BUS® VACUUBRAND pumps, vacuum valves, cooling water valves, external sensors, etc. Intuitive menu guidance via graphics display with analogue and digital vacuum readout. Demand-related control of process vacuum, cooling water and venting. Integral sensor made of highly resistant, alumina ceramic provides reliable absolute-pressure measurement. Boiling-point monitoring facility for evaporations*. No more searching for data or data input. Preset for many common vacuum applications, e.g. vacuum ovens, filtration.
Measuring range:1080 to 0.1mbar (810 to 0.1 torr)
Vacuum control range:1060 to <0.1mbar (795 to 1 torr) (depending on vacuum pump)
Uncertainty of measurement:
Temperature coefficient:
< ±1mbar (0.75 torr) (after calibration)
< ±0.07mbar/K (< ±0.05 torr/K)
Control interface:Digital VACUU·BUS®
Control connections:1 socket for supply / Vario pump
2 expandable sockets for external sensors / valves
Supply requirements (mains adapter):100-240V 50/60Hz a.c. 1ph.
Dimensions (desktop unit, L x W x H):138 x 124 x 115mm
Weight (without mains adapter):0.44kg
Automatic Vacuum Controller CVC 3000

Automatic Vacuum Controller CVC 3000

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Automatic Vacuum Controller CVC 3000

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