Orbital platform shaker Belly Dancer®

The undulating, three-dimensional motion of this lab shaker has been designed to provide optimal movement for tissue culture, staining and destaining gels, Northern, Southern or Western blotting and immunoprecipitation. The simple liquid agitation system, consisting of an orbiting platform, which is flexibly anchored at four corners, so that the platform movement, with an appropriately set inclination, is an effective combination of orbital and tumble shaker.
  • Ideal for gel or blot processing
  • Suitable for cold store and incubator
  • Made of chemically resistant materials such as stainless steel and anodised aluminium
  • Solid, robust and long-lasting design
  • Low-noise

BDRLS0004: With additional 2nd story platform (approx. 300 x 300 mm), aluminium spacer legs (approx. 114 mm) and a non-skid removable mat.
BDRLS0005: With extension platform (approx. 450 x 450 mm) and a non-skid removable mat.
BDRLS0006: With non-skid mat for tubes.
BDRAA220S: With white silicone mat.
Type of movement:tumbling
Orbit size:25.4 mm
Tumbling angle:0° ... 8°
Speed range:0 ... 100 rpm
Max. load:9.1 kg
Overall dimensions (W x D x H):381 x 381 x 229 mm
Platform dimensions (W x D):305 x 305 mm
Rel. humidity:97 %
Operation temperature:0 ... 40 °C
Supply requirements:230 V / 50/60 Hz
Power:70 W
4.664 346

4.664 346

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Orbital platform shaker Belly Dancer®

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