VITsafe™ safety wash bottles, wide-mouth, PP/LDPE

LDPE or PP Bottles, PP spray tube. Safer due to the durable safety imprint in accordance to Directive (EC) No. 1272/2008 (GHS), as well as with all important information: Material name in German, English, French and Spanish, Chemical formula, CAS No., hazard pictogram, signal word, Risk phrases (H phrases), safety phrases (P phrases), as well as NFPA Code. Precise spray jet and optimised medium backflow through the continuous and finely drawn tip of the spray tube. Practically no leakage or dripping with the VENT-CAP screw cap, the design of which prevents almost all static overpressure.
VITsafe™ safety wash bottles, wide-mouth, PP/LDPE

VITsafe™ safety wash bottles, wide-mouth, PP/LDPE

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VITsafe™ safety wash bottles, wide-mouth, PP/LDPE

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MaterialPKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
Acetone250red45PP19.223 3751451829
Acetone500red45PP19.223 3811452829
Acetone1000red63PP19.223 3901453829
Acetonitrile500red45LDPE16.235 0421352969
Distilled water250blue45LDPE19.223 3701351819
Distilled Water500blue45LDPE19.223 3761352819
Distilled water1000red63LDPE19.223 3851353819
Ethanol250orange45LDPE19.223 3741351869
Acetic acid500red45LDPE16.234 4661352979
Ethanol500orange45LDPE19.223 3801352869
Ethanol1000red63LDPE19.223 3891353869
Ethyl acetate250red45LDPE19.223 3731351859
Ethyl acetate500red45LDPE19.223 3791352859
Ethyl acetate1000red63LDPE19.223 3881353859
Isopropanol250yellow45LDPE19.223 3721351849
Isopropanol500yellow45LDPE19.223 3781352849
i-Hexane500red45LDPE19.223 3911352909
Heptane500red45LDPE19.223 3921352899
Isopropanol1000red63LDPE19.223 3871353849
Methanol250green45LDPE19.223 3711351839
Methanol500green45LDPE19.223 3771352839
Methanol1000red63LDPE19.223 3861353839
Methylethylchloride500transparent45LDPE16.225 5061352879
Methylethylketone (MEK)500red45PP19.223 3841452989
N,N-Dimethylformamide500red45LDPE16.225 5071352889
Pentane500red45LDPE19.223 3971453959
Tetrahydrofuran (THF)500red45LDPE19.223 3931352939
Toluene500red45LDPE19.223 3941352949
Xylol500red45LDPE19.223 3951352959
Wash bottle caps, Vent-Cap, PP
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