Steam sterilizers Laboklav 80

Laboklav 80 series provides an extensive and diversified range of equipment variants - customized for you laboratory application. The focus is on safe and reproducible processes, safety for the user and the environment as well as a comfortable operation of the autoclave. All steam steriliser are:
  • suitable for the liquid sterilisation in open and lightly closed vessels, solid sterilisation and waste sterilisation at 134°C
  • upgradable for high demanding laboratory applications
  • volume of chamber: 80l
  • max. permissible pressure: 2.8bar
  • sterilising temperature: 98°C to 138°C
  • motor driven and self-checking closing mechanism
  • flexible temperature reference sensor PT100 as serial function
  • Thermolocking device according to IEC 61010-2-40

A unique installation concept for varied installation possibilities:
  • The autoclave can be installed as vertical or as horizontal unit - without additional costs!
  • The lid can optionally be opened to the right, to the left or backwards.
  • All units can be delivered in three colours: red, green or blue.

Numerous equipment variants:
  • vacuum system for difficult to de-aerate solids incl. fractionated pre-vacuum and drying vacuum
  • fast re-cooling system for liquid sterilisation using a double jacket, without rejection of demineralised water
  • upgrade of the re-cooling system with counter pressure and fan possible - for further reduction of batch times
  • optional exhaust air filtration system
Steam sterilizers Laboklav 80

Steam sterilizers Laboklav 80

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Steam sterilizers Laboklav 80

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