Thermoregulators CORIO™

The CORIO™ C Immersion Circulator is the basic model of the CORIO™ circulator portfolio. The bath attachment clamp is included in delivery and facilitates mounting of the circulator on any bath tank up to 30 liters. With a few simple steps you can install a pump set onto the CORIO™ CD Immersion Circulator. In no time at all, your circulator is ready for temperature control of an external application.
  • Precise temperature control
  • For internal standard applications
  • For bath tanks with a max. filling volume of 30 liters
  • Immersion depth: 7.5 16.5 cm
  • Bright, white, easy to read display
  • Whisper quiet
  • Easy operation

  • For bath tank up to 30 liters
  • Class I (NFL) according to DIN 12876-1
  • Circulation capacity 6 l / min 0.1 bar

  • For bath tank up to 50 liters
  • Pump change-over between internal and external circulation
  • USB interface
  • Class III (FL) according to DIN 12876-1
  • Circulation capacity 15 l / min 0.35 bar

Delivery without bath please order separately.
To adapt the CORIO™ Immersion Circulator to your individual application we offer a comprehensive range of accessories (racks, bath lids, and more).
7.673 349 Heco-Catalogue

7.673 349
Cat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
CORIO™ C2+20 ¼ +10017.673 3499 011 000
CORIO™ CD2+20 ¼ +15014.658 0669 012 000
Pump set for CORIO™ CD with connectors M16x1, Art. No. 4.658 027