Dipping flow cups Frikmar

Aluminium. DIN 53211 viscometer. With brass nozzle or stainless steel (V2A) as indicated. For all types of liquid chemicals, varnishes, fluid enamels, gravure printing inks and leather dyes, oils, fats, foodstuffs etc. Beaker volume 100ml.
Dipping flow cups Frikmar Heco-Catalogue

Dipping flow cups Frikmar
Flow nozzle
MaterialPKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
3brass16.056 4771003
4brass19.149 8981004
5brass16.058 3701005
6brass16.056 9221006
8brass16.084 4961008
2brass16.055 1151002
4stainless steel16.205 9821014
6stainless steel16.800 1861016
5stainless steel17.653 1971015
3stainless steel17.673 3611013