Safety bottles Markill-matic

Constructed in pure aluminium with automatic pouring and ventilation valve. Markill-matic reduces the risk of accidents when pouring and dispensing flammable liquids. Provides secure storage and handling of flammable liquids. This safety bottle is robust and has a self-closing spout which will even operate under fingertip pressure.

Choice of models:
1. Model with inner seal made of VITON (Sealing cap red) suitable for petroleum spirit, paraffin, turpentine oil and acid-free oils.
2. Model with inner seal made of EPDM (sealing cap yellow) suitable for thinners, alcohol.
Safety bottles Markill-matic Heco-Catalogue

Safety bottles Markill-matic
PKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
Safety bottleRed0.406520519.106 400AK505002
Safety bottleYellow0.406520519.106 401AK505001
Safety bottleRed1.007828019.106 404AK505006
Safety bottleYellow1.007828019.106 405AK505005
CapRed   16.226 026AK505010
CapYellow   16.231 542AK505009
Replacement valveYellow   16.231 019AK505007
Set closure cap and valveYellow   16.251 159AK505009AK505007