Dry Baths, digital

The user calibration function allows for easy calibration of in-house standards when required. Interchangeable blocks are available to accommodate a wide variety of tubes, plates and slides. Each dry bath is supplied with a block lifter that enables the user to exchange blocks easily, even when the block is hot.
  • precise microprocessor control
  • timer for timed incubation applications
  • broad temperature range, to 150 °C
  • high temperature stability and uniformity due to molded block chamber
  • large digital display
  • easy user calibration
  • single, dual or four block models
  • incl. removable block cover
Please order blocks separately.
Temperature range:
Temperature uniformity:
Temperature resolution:
Temperature accuracy:
Ambient +5 to +150°C
± 0.2°C
± 0.1°C
± 0.3°C
Temperature control:Microprocessor
Block material:Aluminium
Dimensions (W x D x H)
Single / Dual Block:
4 Block:
21 x 29 x 12 cm
21 x 39 x 12 cm
Single / Dual Block:
4 Block:
3.2 kg
4.4 kg
Supply requirements:230 V, 50/60 Hz
6.272 368 Heco-Catalogue

6.272 368
TypePKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
Single Block16.272 368D1301-230V
Dual Block16.272 369D1302-230V
4 Block16.272 370D1304-230V
Accessories for Dry Baths, aluminum
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