Superfrost® slides

According to ISO 8037/1. With colour-coded writing patch as outlined below. Size 76mm x 26mm. Nominal thickness 1.0mm. With cut or ground edges. An extensive color palette allows easy and clear identification and classification of different examination preparations.
Superfrost® slides Heco-Catalogue

Superfrost® slides
PKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
whiteCut509.161 161AA00008032E
blueCut509.161 162AA00008132E
pinkCut509.161 163AA00008232E
yellowCut509.161 164AA00008332E
greenCut509.161 165AA00008432E
purpleCut506.206 284AA00008632E
whiteGround 45°509.161 171AB00008032E
blueGround 45°509.161 172AB00008132E
pinkGround 45°509.161 173AB00008232E
yellowGround 45°509.161 174AB00008332E
greenGround 45°509.161 175AB00008432E
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