Gel documentation system microDOC with UV-Transilluminator

Recently upgraded with a new 24.1 megapixel digital CMOS camera to guarantee superb resolution, the microDOC is the researcher's choice for a simple ultra-compact gel documentation system that meets constraints in both budget and space within the laboratory. A large 8" TFT screen enables images, including agarose and fluorescent gels, colorimetric gels, autoradiography film and blotting membrane, to be captured clearly and easily. The system is computer-free and supplied with an 8 GB storage card and 58 mm ethidium bromide filter as standard, while an optional SYBR filter is also available. Files are saved onto the storage card in RAW, TIFF-RGB and JPEG formats and may be transferred to computer for analysis with the highly recommended TotalLab™ 1D software.

microDOC BASIC: The microDOC BASIC is a simple low-cost system comprising a lift-off dark room hood and 24.1 megapixel digital camera, through which the gel is viewed directly. This system can be supplied with optional TotalLab™ 1D Analysis Software and any one of the 21 x 21cm transilluminators (please enquire).

TotalLab™ 1D software: is supplied only as part of a complete package with each of the microDOC and transilluminator options. Its main functions include: lane creation, background subtraction, band detection, profile deconvolution, and molecular size, pI and quantity calibration. More sophisticated standalone software options are available for 1D applications that require band matching, array, colony counting and image ToolBox functionalities.

  • File Format Design rule for Camera File system, DPOF (version 1.1) compliant
  • Focus-Area Selection AF mode and manual focus are available
  • Hood
  • Multi-Power Source for camera, Inner light lamp, TFT screen (excludes MicroDOC Basic/1D models)
  • Safety Door Switch Automatically disconnects UV transilluminator, while opening the chamber door during operation
  • with Video and Audio Input
Specifications Camera:
Effective Pixels:
24.1 megapixels
TTL-CT-SIR with CMOS sensor
Lens:Canon EF/EF-S 18-55 mm
Maximum Aperture:f/2.8 - f/5.6
Image Resolution:720 480 up to 5,184 3,456
Data Type Still images:Exif 2.3 (JPEG), RAW (CR2)
Movies:MOV (Image data: H264 ; Audio data: Linear PCM (stereo))
Inner White Light:
Ethidium Bromide or SYBR Green (58 mm)
2 x 3 W white light LED (excl. MDOC Basic Models)
Display Format:
8" TFT liquid crystal screen
960 x 234 mm
300 cd/m2
Display Mode:NTSC/PAL mode switchable
Dimensions with camera (W x D x H):290 x 325 x 515 mm
Rated Voltages:
Weight approx.:
110 - 220 V
7.7 kg
Gel documentation system microDOC with UV-Transilluminator

Gel documentation system microDOC with UV-Transilluminator

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Gel documentation system microDOC with UV-Transilluminator

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