Accessories for Incubator Shaker KS4000i control

AS 4000.1 Universal attachment
For various types of vessels. Infinitely variable clamping rolls allow universal adaptation to various vessels.
Included with delivery: 1 x AS 1.400 Basic holder, 6 x AS 1.401 Clamping roll, 12 x AS 1.402 Fastening screw
AS 4000.2 Fixing clip attachment
For shaking flasks, Erlenmeyer flasks and bottles with a round crosssection (without fixing clips).
Number of fixing clips (volume): 50 x AS 2.1(25ml), 48 x AS 2.2 (50ml), 25 x AS 2.3 (100ml), 16 x AS 2.4 (250ml), 12 x AS 2.5 (500ml), 7 x AS 2.6 (1000 ml)
AS 4000.3 Dish attachment
For smooth shaking operations in the low viscosity range, e.g. for cell cultures, nutrient media in Petri dishes, culture bottles and vessels with a low centre of gravity. With integrated slip-resistant foil (PP).
9.837 894 Heco-Catalogue

9.837 894
Set-up plate
(W x D)
PKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
AS 4000.1Universal attachment360 x 410320019.837 8940008022200
AS 1.400Basic holder*  19.837 8950003710200
AS 1.401Clamping roll*  19.837 8960003712000
AS 1.402Fastening screw*  19.837 8970003712300
AS 4000.2Fixing clip attachment430 x 430265019.837 8930003710100
AS 4000.3Dish attachment430 x 43080019.837 8920003710000
STICKMAXAdhesive mat200 x 200 16.236 2930003920000
*Spare parts for universal attachment.