CO2 incubators, CB series with sterilizable sensor

The BINDER CB is particularly suitable for incubating sensitive cells while also guaranteeing the best possible conditions for cell cultures during both the production process and cell-based screenings. This BINDER incubator is even suitable for complex cultivation experiments with individual environments and hypoxic conditions.

  • Temperature range: 7°C above room temperature up to 60°C
  • Seamless, deep-drawn inner stainless steel chamber
  • Auto-sterilization with hot air at 180 °C
  • Hot-air sterilizable COì? sensor with infrared technology
  • Double-pan humidification system with condensation protection
  • Internal data recording and USB interface
  • Computer interface: Ethernet

Type ending G- with divided inner door
Type ending O-with O2 control
Type ending GO-with O2 control and divided inner door
CO2 incubators, CB series with sterilizable sensor Heco-Catalogue

CO2 incubators, CB series with sterilizable sensor
Min. operating
Max. working temperature
Cat. No.
Manuf. Prod. No.
CB060-230V53276019.883 7269040-0088
CB060-230V-O53276019.883 7389040-0090
CB060UL-120V-O53276019.883 7419040-0091
CB060-230V-G*53276019.883 7329040-0104
CB060-230V-GO*53276019.883 7449040-0106
CB060UL-120V-GO*53276019.883 7479040-0107
CB160-230V150276019.883 7279040-0092
CB160-230V-O150276019.883 7399040-0094
CB160UL-120V-O150276019.883 7429040-0095
CB 160-230V-G*150276019.883 7339040-0100
CB160-230V-GO*150276019.883 7459040-0102
CB160UL-120V-GO*150276019.883 7489040-0103
CB220-230V210276019.883 7289040-0096
CB220-230V-O220276019.883 7409040-0098
CB220UL-120V-O210276019.883 7439040-0099
CB220-230V-G**210276019.883 7349040-0108
CB220-230V-GO**210276019.883 7469040-0110
CB220UL-120V-GO**210276019.883 7499040-0111
*with 4 times divided inner door
**with 6 times divided inner door