LLG Syringe Filter CA, Cellulose acetate

We offer a line of syringe filters especially designed to provide efficient filtration of a broad variety of fluids, solvents, aqueous or inorganic solutions. Our syringe filters cover most applications in HPLC, pharmaceutical, environmental, biotechnology and food and beverage testing laboratories.
  • Housing injected in Polypropylene or MABS
  • Multifunctional Syringe filters equipped with Luer-Lock connections on both sides or female Luer-Lock input and male Luer-Slip output
  • Suitable for all syringes with Luer connection
  • Pre-sterilised or non-sterile
  • Sterile products in individual hard blister
  • Superior pressure stability
Hydrophilic membrane for filtration of aqueous solutions.
This membrane features excellent shape stability in aqueous solutions and a very low binding capacity for proteins (21µg per 25 mm Filter). Ideal for use with biological macromolecules, water soluble oligomers and polymers. With Luer-Lock input and Luer-Lock or Luer-Slip output.
9.055 500

9.055 500

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LLG Syringe Filter CA, Cellulose acetate

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