Beakers, stainless steel

Especialty: Contact bottom for heating plates and magnetic stirrers.
Beakers, stainless steel

Beakers, stainless steel

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Beakers, stainless steel

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DescriptionPKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
1005060with rim19.013 6008500
2506585with rim19.013 6018501
50080110with rim19.013 6028502
1000100130with rim19.013 6038503
2000120180with rim19.013 6048504
3000150180with rim19.013 6058505
5000180210with rim19.013 6068506
1005060with rim and spout19.013 6108510
2506585with rim and spout19.013 6118511
50080110with rim and spout19.013 6128512
1000100130with rim and spout19.013 6138513
2000120180with rim and spout19.013 6148514
3000150180with rim and spout19.013 6158515
5000180210with rim and spout19.013 6168516
1005060with rim and handle16.237 6908520
2506585with rim and handle16.255 7818521
50080110with rim and handle16.237 6918522
1000100130with rim and handle16.237 6928523
2000120180with rim and handle16.203 8708524
3000150180with rim and handle16.268 7338525
5000180210with rim and handle16.226 9438526
1005060with rim, spout and handle16.056 3648530
2506585with rim, spout and handle16.056 3658531
50080110with rim, spout and handle16.056 3668532
1000100130with rim, spout and handle16.077 4128533
2000120180with rim, spout and handle17.604 2088534
3000150180with rim, spout and handle16.302 7338535
5000180210with rim, spout and handle16.085 7758536
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