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Accessories for series 350 aspirator bottles 
Accessory caps 
Accessory caps 
Accessory caps 
Angled stopcocks/Angle valve, HDPE 
Aspirator bottles, DURAN® 
Aspirator bottles, DURAN® 
Aspirator bottles, Duran®, conical joint neck and outlet tubulure, with stoppers 
Aspirator bottles, HDPE 
Aspirator bottles, series 350, HDPE 
Aspirator Carboys behroplast®, PE 
Aspirator carboys Type 2320, HDPE 
Aspirator carboys Type 2321, PP 
Aspirator carboys, "Clearboys" 
Aspirator carboys, PE-LD 
Aspirator Carboys, Type 2319, 2250, with handle, PP 
Aspirator carboys, Type 2322, PC 
Caps for series 310 PETG and PVC 
Caps, series 303, PE-LD 
Carboys Type 2211, HDPE 
Carboys, HDPE 
Carboys, PP 
Chemical Waste Disposal Unit, PE / PP 
Closures for narrow-mouth reagent bottles, series 310, PP, UN-approved 
Disposal bin, PE 
Disposal bin, stainless steel 
Industrial jerrycans, HDPE 
Jerrycan with integrated spout, HDPE 
Kegs, wide mouth, HDPE 
Kegs, wide mouth, PE, with UN-approval 
LLG-Aspirator Bottles, narrow neck, HDPE 
LLG-Aspirator Bottles, narrow neck, HDPE, with stopcock 
LLG-Bottles, wide mouth, HDPE 
Medium neck bottles, series 307, HDPE with screw cap, PP 
Narrow-mouth bottles 
Narrow-mouth bottles, series 301, LDPE 
Narrow-mouth bottles, series 310 "Clear Grip", PP 
Narrow-mouth reagent bottles, series 308/310, HDPE, UN-approved 
Narrow-mouth reagent bottles, series 310 "Safe Grip", HDPE 
Narrow-mouth reagent bottles, series 310 "Safe Grip", HDPE, UN-approved 
Ointment jars, clear glass 
Round square-shouldered bottles, series 302, PE-LD 
Safety wash bottles, wide mouth, series 303, PE-LD 
Screw caps and accessories for industrial jerrycans, HDPE 
Screw caps for wide-mouth bottles, series 303, PP 
Screw caps, PP, for storage jars, series 376 
Screw closure for narrow-mouth bottles "Safe Grip" series 310, HDPE 
Space saving jerrycan Flachmann LaboPlast®, PP 
Spare screw caps for series 307 medium neck bottles, PP 
Square bottles, wide-mouth HDPE 
Stainless steel jerrycan 
Stopcocks LaboPlast® 
Stopcocks, quick action Type 6422, 6432 , PP or ETFE for Aspirator carboys 
Storage jars, series 376, HDPE 
Tamper-evident caps for series 310, PP/PE 
UN wide-mouth drums, HDPE 
Wide-mouth bottles 
Wide-mouth bottles, amber, with PP cap 
Wide-mouth bottles, series 303, PE-LD 
Wide-mouth bottles, series 310, HDPE 
Wide-mouth bottles, with black plastic cap 
Wide-mouth containers, series 310, PETG 
Wide-mouth containers, series 310, PVC 
Wide-mouth jerrycans, HDPE