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 3-door gas blind 3 inner doors for spanned access for stainless steel and copper units 
 6-door gas tight screen 6 for segmented Access for stainless steel and copper devices 
 96-well-PCR-Platte, PP, 200 μl fester Rahmen, in 3x8 Strips zerschneidbar natur, VE=25 
 Absorption vessel 
Accessories for anaerobic jars 
Accessories for Eppendorf Thermomixer ™ 
Accessories for freeze dryers ALPHA and BETA series 
Accessories for Homogeniser Potter S 
Accessories for micro-dismembrators U and S 
 Accessories for Stomacher 400 Classic 
 Adsorption vessel with cock ASH 
Air sampler, Airport MD8 airborne bacteria sampler 
Air sampler, MD8 airscan airborne bacteria sampler, accessories 
Amplification Workstation Nunc™ 
Anaerobic jars, stainless steel 
Aspirator LLG-uniVACUUSYS 
Aspirator with trap flask FTA-1 
 Attachment for "Multi-Pulse" for 10 vessels, 28-29mm Ø 
 Bag opener & holder for Stomacher bags 400 
 BagOpen® 100 Stand for 80 and 100 mL bags for Gravimat® 
behrotest® waste water mixers 
Blotting paper 
Booster horns and stepped horns for SONOPULS Ultrasonic homogenisers, titanium alloy 
 Booster Kit (double pump assembly and tubing) 
 Capillary line for cooling agents 
Centimeter ruler 150 mm for UV photography 
Centrifugal and Pressure Unit Vivacell 70 
 Centrifugal concentrators, Vivaspin 2 
Centrifugal concentrators, Vivaspin 2 
Centrifugal concentrators, Vivaspin 20 
 Centrifugal concentrators, Vivaspin 20, accessories 
 Centrifugal concentrators, Vivaspin 4 
Centrifugal concentrators, Vivaspin 500 
 Cluster tubes 1,2 ml, einzeln im Rack, steril, VE=960 
 COFRAC Calibrated weight, type F1 500 g for BabyGravimat® 
Colony counter eCount™ 
Colony counter, HC 
 Coloring box PMP 
Crossflow filter units Vivaflow 20 / 500 
Deep-well plates, 96-well, PP 
 Disposable Cartridges for Transtar® sterile, pack of 24 
Disposable gelatin units for air sampler Airport MD8 
Dounce homogenizers 
 Druckerpapier VZ 6248 VE=5 Rll. 
 Drum K10 for Incudrive 
 Drum K16 for Incudrive 
 E/A/R/A 8-well-strip-plates F pack of 100 
 E/A/R/A plates 360 μl 8-well, without lid pack of 100 
EcoVac safety suction systems 
Egg-Punch, pneumatic egg opener 
 EIA/RIA Platten, 96-well, F, hohe Bindung ohne Deckel, unsteril VE=100 
 EIA/RIA-Platten, 96-well, Easy wash hohe Bindung, ohne Deckel VE=100 
 EIA/RIA-Platten, 96-well, F mittlere Bindung, ohne Deckel VE=50 
 Elektromagnetisches Absperrventil DN 6 
 Empty inserts for Multi-Pulse 
Enduro™ power supplies 
Eppendorf ThermoMixer C 
Eppendorf ThermoMixer™ F0.5/F2.0 
Eppendorf ThermoMixer™ F1.5/Eppendorf ThermoMixer™ FP 
EPPI pestle for tubes (Pellet) 
EPPI pestle, PP 
 EVENT CELL test plate pack of 5 
Exhaust Device, borosilicate 
Filter holders, vacuum, Type 162. Stainless steel 
Filter manifold systems, 3- and 6-place 
 Filter unit, glass-poly 85ml, 47mm 
 Filter units 50mm pack of 5 No.16508-B 
Filtration Device for Crude Fibre separation 
Filtration microplates, UniFilter® 800 
Flow-through standard horn for Sonopuls Ultrasonic homogenisers 
 GEL blotting paper 
Gel blotting paper 
 Glasfaserwatte MN 112 Packung à 500 g 
 Glass Beads, Solid, O.D. mm 6 
Glass caps, DURAN® 
 Glass pearls 0,75 - 1,00 mm dia. pack of 1 Kg. 
 Glass pearls 1,0 mm, 1 Kg (in PE-jar) 
 Handhomogenisator, zweistufig,140 W, mit Becher, Multimesser,Schlag+Quirlscheibe+Wandhalter,23155 
 Handle for PTFE pestle for General Purpose homogenisers 
Homogeniser drive unit, schütt homgenplus 
Homogenisers DUALL®, with glass pestle 
Homogenisers DUALL®, with PTFE pestle 
Homogenisers for PTFE pestles 
Homogenisers Potter-Elvehjem, with glass pestle 
Homogenisers Potter-Elvehjem, with PTFE pestle 
Homogenisers with PTFE or glass pestles 
Homogenisers, Dounce, glass 
Homogenisers, Duo-Form, Borosilicate glass 3.3 
Homogenisers, Griffiths tube, Borosilicate glass 3.3 
 Homogenisers, Handle for Potter-elvehjem 
Homogenisers, Mini series, borosilicate glass 3.3 
Homogenisers, Round Body, glass 
Homogenisers, Safe-Seal, borosilicate glass 3.3/PTFE 
 Homogenizer vessels,glass,cap. 15 ml,conical 
Homogenizer vessels,glass,cap. 15 ml,cylindrical 
Homogenizer vessels,glass,cap. 2 ml,conical 
 Homogenizer vessels,glass,cap. 40 ml,conical 
Homogenizer vessels,glass,cap. 40 ml,cylindrical 
Homogenizer vessels,glass,cap. 8 ml,cylindrical 
 Immuno Module F 16, transparent Polysorp, einzeln, VE=320 
 Immuno Module, transparent C8, MaxiSorp mit Zertifikat VE=60 
 Immuno-Module komplett . 2x8 flach, VE=60 
 Impfnadeln, gelb, steril VE=2400 
 Impfschlingen 10 ul, blau VE=2400 
Incubator hood TH 15 
Incudrive H incubation hood, with air circulation thermostating system, 650x570x750 mm 
Incudrive R roller system, with drive unit without drums 
Inoculating loops and needles, PS 
Inoculating needles smartPicks®, wood 
 Inoculation needles 200 mm, yellow PS, sterile, pack of 2000 
 Inoculation needles 200 mm, yellow PS, sterile, pack of 3000 
 Inserts for Multi-Pulse for 12 vessels, 25 mm 
 Inserts for Multi-Pulse for 19 vessels, 18-20 mm 
Inserts for Multi-Pulse for 22 vessels, 12-13 mm Ø 
 Inserts for Multi-Pulse for 22 vessels, 15-16 mm Ø 
 Inserts for Multi-Pulse for 2x125 ml erlenmeyer flasks 
 Inserts for Multi-Pulse for 2x250 ml erlenmeyer flaks 
 Inserts for Multi-Pulse for 2x96-well plates 
 Inserts for Multi-Pulse for 36x12 mm cryo tubes 
 Inserts for Multi-Pulse for 84x1,5/2,0 ml test tubes 
 IVF-Gewebekulturschalen 60x15mm 20 St.p/Bag, VE=500 
Kapsenberg caps 
 Laser Barcode reader 
 Liquid measuring stick for freezing containers length 1m 
LLG-Inoculation loops, PS, sterile 
LLG-Micropestles, stainless steel 
LLG-Transfer membrane, nitrocellulose 
LLG-Transfer membrane, PVDF 
LLG-Transfer membrane, supported nitrocellulose 
 Loops, platinium-iridium 90/10 Loop 1mmØ fused into glass rod 
 Mehrfachgewebekulturschalen TC, 12-well, mit Deckel VE=100 
 Mehrfachkulturschalen TC, 96-well F, geringe, Verdunstung mit Deckel VE=100 
 Mehrfachkulturschalen, TC, 48-well mit Deckel, VE=100 
 Mehrfachkulturschalen, TC, 96-well F, geringe Verdunstung mit Deckel (Nachfolgeart.zu 430247), VE=100 
 Mehrfachkulturschalen, TC, 96-well mit Deckel, Flachboden, 0,32cm² VE=50 
Membrane filters, blotting, Polycarbonate 
Membrane filters, cellulose acetate, non sterile 
Membrane filters, cellulose nitrate, non-sterile 
Membrane filters, cellulose nitrate, sterile 
 Membrane liquid pump NF 1.100 KT.18 S, protection class IP 65 capacity 0,2-1,3 (l/min), chemical resistant 
Mens laboratory coats Type 82190 
Micro pestles, accessory drive motor 
Micro pestles, CTFE / stainless steel 
 Microtest plates, 96-well, Black, without lid, untreated for fluorescence, pack of 100 
 MicroWell immobilizer plate PS, 128 x 86 mm, black, pack of 15 
MicroWell plates MiniTrays Nunclon™ Δ, PS 
 Mikrotestplatten, 96-well, F, unsteril ohne Deckel, VE=100 
 Mikrotestplatten, 96-well, U, unsteril hydrophilisiert, ohne Deckel (Haemagglutinationstest), VE=100 
 Mikrotestplatten, TC, 96-Well mit Deckel, VE=50 
 Mikrotiterplatten, LockWell Module transparent, C8, MaxiSorp VE=60 
Miniboxes for CryoTubes™, PS 
Multi-Pulse Vortexer 450x180x360 mm, 230 V 
Multidishes, non-treated, PS, sterile 
Multidishes, Nunc™ cell culture treated surface, PS, sterile 
 Netwell, 74 μm, 24 mm 6 well, sterile, pack of 48 
 NucleoFast 96 PCR plates 10 x 96 preps for the purification of PCR fragments Protocol 
 PCR 8-fach-Strip m.Deckelstrip natur, unsteril, PP, autoklavierbar VE=300 
PCR foil, self-adhesive 
Petri dish turntables, schütt Petriturn 
Picking-Tool schuett PickMaxX II 
 Polypropylene peeling cover film PP, pack of 100 
Potter-elvehjem homogenisers, plastic coated 
Probes for Sonopuls Ultrasonic homogenisers, titanium 
 PS-Impfschlingen 10 μl, blau 200 mm, einzeln steril verpackt VE=600 
 PS-Impfschlingen 10 μl, blau 200 mm, steril VE=3000 
 PS-Impfschlingen 10 μl, blau 200 mm, VE=2000 
 PTFE-Absauggarnitur VZ 5624 
 PTFE-Absaugleitung VZ 6280 
 PTFE-Absaugleitung VZ 6281 
 PTFE-Absaugleitung VZ 6282 
 Rotating insert for Incudrive 
 Rotational-vacuum-concentrator RVC 2-18 system configuration 1 230 V, 50/60 Hz 
Shaking Incubators VorTemp™ 56/ 1550 
Shaking incubators, orbital, Certomat® IS, accessories 
Shaking incubators, orbital, stacking, Certomat® BS-1, accessories 
 SONOREX standard devices RM 75 U without heating, 640x540x530 mm 40 kHz 
Spare components for dounce homogenizers 
 Sterisart® alpha 2000 single sterile packed 
 Sterisart® gamma 2000 single sterile packed 
Swabs, plain, culture, cotton/wood 
 Thermic printer + 2 sticker rolls for BabyGravimat® 
Thermo shaker AccuTherm 
 Thermopapier VZ 5648 VE=6 Rollen 
 Thermowell Plate Sealer Abdeckfolie, Aluminium VE=100 
 Transfer membranes,neutral nylon membrane 300x3000 mm,pore 0.2 μm 
 Transfer membranes,neutral nylon membrane 300x3000 mm,pore 0.45 mm 
U96 MicroWell™ / Immuno™ Plates, PS 
 Ultrasonic converter UW 2070 with SH 70 G step horn, catch key HS 40/42 
 Ultrasonic converter UW mini20 for HD mini20 
Ultrasonic homogeniser, SONOPULS HD 4050 
Ultrasonic homogeniser, SONOPULS HD 4100 
 Universal lids PS, sterile pack of 100, for mirco test plates 
V96 MicroWell™ Plates, PS 
 Vakuum-Chemie-Membranpumpe MZ 2C ohne Emissionskondensator 
Visitors gown, PP 
 VISOCOLOR Oxygen sample bottle 30 ml 
 Vivaflow 200 complete system 
 WHEATON-Micro-Gewebe-Handhomogenisator-Satz komplett