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 3-door gas blind 3 inner doors for spanned access for stainless steel and copper units 
 6-door gas tight screen 6 for segmented Access for stainless steel and copper devices 
 96-well-PCR-Platte, PP, 200 μl fester Rahmen, in 3x8 Strips zerschneidbar natur, VE=25 
Accessories for Homogeniser Potter S 
Accessories for micro-dismembrators U and S 
 Accessories for Stomacher 400 Classic 
 Adsorption vessel with cock ASH 
Anaerobic jars, stainless steel 
Aspirator LLG-uniVACUUSYS 
 Bag opener & holder for Stomacher bags 400 
 BagOpen® 100 Stand for 80 and 100 mL bags for Gravimat® 
 Booster Kit (double pump assembly and tubing) 
 Capillary line for cooling agents 
Centimeter ruler 150 mm for UV photography 
 Centrifugal concentrators, Vivaspin 4 
 Cluster tubes 1,2 ml, einzeln im Rack, steril, VE=960 
 COFRAC Calibrated weight, type F1 500 g for BabyGravimat® 
Colony counter, HC 
 Coloring box PMP 
Crossflow filter units Vivaflow 20 / 500 
 Disposable Cartridges for Transtar® sterile, pack of 24 
 Druckerpapier VZ 6248 VE=5 Rll. 
 Drum K10 for Incudrive 
 Drum K16 for Incudrive 
 Drum M for all other vessels 
 E/A/R/A 8-well-strip-plates F pack of 100 
 E/A/R/A plates 360 μl 8-well, without lid pack of 100 
Egg-Punch, pneumatic egg opener 
 EIA/RIA Platten, 96-well, F, hohe Bindung ohne Deckel, unsteril VE=100 
 EIA/RIA-Platten, 96-well, Easy wash hohe Bindung, ohne Deckel VE=100 
 EIA/RIA-Platten, 96-well, F mittlere Bindung, ohne Deckel VE=50 
 Elektromagnetisches Absperrventil DN 6 
 Empty inserts for Multi-Pulse 
EPPI pestle for tubes (Pellet) 
 Filter unit, glass-poly 85ml, 47mm 
 Filter units 50mm pack of 5 No.16508-B 
 Glasfaserwatte MN 112 Packung à 500 g 
 Glass beads, diam. 1.0 mm pack of 1 kg 
 Glass Beads, Solid, O.D. mm 6 
 Glass pearls 0,75 - 1,00 mm dia. pack of 1 Kg. 
 Handhomogenisator, zweistufig,140 W, mit Becher, Multimesser,Schlag+Quirlscheibe+Wandhalter,23155 
 Handle for PTFE pestle for General Purpose homogenisers 
Homogenisers for PTFE pestles 
 Homogenizer vessels,glass,cap. 15 ml,conical 
Homogenizer vessels,glass,cap. 15 ml,cylindrical 
Homogenizer vessels,glass,cap. 2 ml,conical 
 Homogenizer vessels,glass,cap. 40 ml,conical 
Homogenizer vessels,glass,cap. 40 ml,cylindrical 
Homogenizer vessels,glass,cap. 8 ml,cylindrical 
 Impfnadeln, gelb, steril VE=2400 
 Impfschlingen 10 ul, blau VE=2400 
Incudrive H incubation hood, with air circulation thermostating system, 650x570x750 mm 
Incudrive R roller system, with drive unit without drums 
 Inoculation needles 200 mm, yellow PS, sterile, pack of 2000 
 Inoculation needles 200 mm, yellow PS, sterile, pack of 3000 
 Insert for Multi-Pulse, for 10 tubes, 28-29 mm Ø 
 Inserts for Multi-Pulse for 12 vessels, 25 mm 
 Inserts for Multi-Pulse for 19 vessels, 18-20 mm 
Inserts for Multi-Pulse for 22 vessels, 12-13 mm Ø 
 Inserts for Multi-Pulse for 22 vessels, 15-16 mm Ø 
 Inserts for Multi-Pulse for 2x125 ml erlenmeyer flasks 
 Inserts for Multi-Pulse for 2x250 ml erlenmeyer flaks 
 Inserts for Multi-Pulse for 2x96-well plates 
 Inserts for Multi-Pulse for 36x12 mm cryo tubes 
 Inserts for Multi-Pulse for 84x1,5/2,0 ml test tubes 
 IVF-Gewebekulturschalen 60x15mm 20 St.p/Bag, VE=500 
 Laser Barcode reader 
 Liquid measuring stick for freezing containers length 1m 
LLG-Inoculation loops, sterile 
 Loops, platinium-iridium 90/10 Loop 1mmØ fused into glass rod 
 Mehrfachgewebekulturschalen TC, 12-well, mit Deckel VE=100 
 Mehrfachkulturschalen TC, 96-well F, geringe, Verdunstung mit Deckel VE=100 
 Mehrfachkulturschalen, TC, 48-well mit Deckel, VE=100 
 Mehrfachkulturschalen, TC, 96-well F, geringe Verdunstung mit Deckel (Nachfolgeart.zu 430247), VE=100 
 Mehrfachkulturschalen, TC, 96-well mit Deckel, Flachboden, 0,32cm² VE=50 
 Membrane liquid pump NF 1.100 KT.18 S, protection class IP 65 capacity 0,2-1,3 (l/min), chemical resistant 
 Microtest plates, 96-well, Black, without lid, untreated for fluorescence, pack of 100 
 Mikrotestplatten, 96-well, F, unsteril ohne Deckel, VE=100 
 Mikrotestplatten, 96-well, U, unsteril hydrophilisiert, ohne Deckel (Haemagglutinationstest), VE=100 
 Mikrotestplatten, TC, 96-Well mit Deckel, VE=50 
Multi-Pulse Vortexer 450x180x360 mm, 230 V 
 Netwell, 74 μm, 24 mm 6 well, sterile, pack of 48 
 NucleoFast 96 PCR plates 10 x 96 preps for the purification of PCR fragments Protocol 
 PCR 8-fach-Strip m.Deckelstrip natur, unsteril, PP, autoklavierbar VE=300 
 Polypropylene peeling cover film PP, pack of 100 
 PS-Impfschlingen 10 μl, blau 200 mm, einzeln steril verpackt VE=600 
 PS-Impfschlingen 10 μl, blau 200 mm, steril VE=3000 
 PS-Impfschlingen 10 μl, blau 200 mm, VE=2000 
 PTFE-Absauggarnitur VZ 5624 
 PTFE-Absaugleitung VZ 6280 
 PTFE-Absaugleitung VZ 6281 
 PTFE-Absaugleitung VZ 6282 
 Rotating insert for Incudrive 
 Rotational-vacuum-concentrator RVC 2-18 system configuration 1 230 V, 50/60 Hz 
Shaking incubators, orbital, stacking, Certomat® BS-1, accessories 
 Shelves partitioned, solid copper, for HERAcell 240 
 Shelves partitioned, stainless steel, for HERAcell 240 
 SONOREX standard devices RM 75 U without heating, 640x540x530 mm 40 kHz 
 Sterisart® alpha 2000 single sterile packed 
 Sterisart® gamma 2000 single sterile packed 
 Thermic printer + 2 sticker rolls for BabyGravimat® 
 Thermo paper VZ 5648, pack of 6 rolls 
 Thermowell Plate Sealer Abdeckfolie, Aluminium VE=100 
 Transfer membranes,neutral nylon membrane 300x3000 mm,pore 0.2 μm 
 Transfer membranes,neutral nylon membrane 300x3000 mm,pore 0.45 mm 
 Ultrasonic converter UW 2070 with SH 70 G step horn, catch key HS 40/42 
 Ultrasonic converter UW mini20 for HD mini20 
 Universal lids PS, sterile pack of 100, for mirco test plates 
 Vakuum-Chemie-Membranpumpe MZ 2C ohne Emissionskondensator 
Visitors gown, PP 
 VISOCOLOR Oxygen sample bottle 30 ml 
 Vivaflow 200 complete system 
 WHEATON-Micro-Gewebe-Handhomogenisator-Satz komplett