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 Adapter for 16 mm tubes 
 ASTM centrifuge tube cap. 100 ml as offered 
 Centrif.boittle 250ml, FEP 
 Centrifugal filter units Amicon® Ultra-15 30K pack of 24 
 Centrifuge bottle 500 ml PC, wide-neck 
 Centrifuge bottles PC 250ml, wide neck 
Centrifuge bottles Typ 3120, PP-copolymer 
Centrifuge bottles Typ 3122, PC 
Centrifuge bottles Type 3120, BioBottle 
Centrifuge Bottles with Sealing Cap , SuperSpeed, Types 3140, 3141 
 Centrifuge glass 16x100mm, 9 ml GL 18, AR glass, with pointed soil 
 Centrifuge tube 100 ml 
 Centrifuge tube 100 ml dia. 44 x 100 mm 
 Centrifuge tube 100x16 mm, AR-glass® 10-12 ml, round bottom, rimless, non graduated, cylindrical 
 Centrifuge tube 112x17 mm, AR-glass® 10-15 ml, conical bottom, with GL 14 thread and screw cap, non graduated 
 Centrifuge tube 112x17mm, AR-Glas® 10:0.1 ml, conical, with rim, graduated 
 Centrifuge tube 112x17mm, DURAN® 15 ml, conical, with rim, non graduated 
 Centrifuge tube 12ml round PPCO 
 Centrifuge tube 15 ml 
 Centrifuge tube 15 ml, Borosilicate 3.3 conical, graduated, 17x113 mm 
 Centrifuge tube 15 ml, Borosilicate 3.3 wall thickness 1,0 mm resilient up to RZB 3500 
 Centrifuge tube 15 ml, Borosilicate 3.3 wall thickness ca.1,0 mm resilient up to RZB 3500 pack of 100 
 Centrifuge tube 26 ml dia. 24 x 100 mm 
 Centrifuge tube 30 ml B-RB 
 Centrifuge tube 50 ml PC, round bottom, 29 x 103 mm 
 Centrifuge tube 6 ml dia. 12 x 100 mm 
 Centrifuge tube 98x33-35 mm, DURAN® 50:2 ml, round bottom, rimless, graduated, cylindrical 
 Centrifuge tube acc. ADPI 30 mm dia, length 135 mm, wall thickness 1.0 mm, mark at 50 ml BLUE 
 centrifuge tube with cap 50 ml, PP conical, Expanded polystyrene rack, pack of 500 pcs. 
 Centrifuge tubes 100 ml round, PPCO, with border 
 Centrifuge tubes 10ml poolycarbonate 
 Centrifuge tubes 15 ml conical, PC 
 Centrifuge tubes 15ml PP 
 Centrifuge tubes 15ml round bottom, PPCO 
 Centrifuge tubes 15ml, 17x100mm 
 Centrifuge tubes 24x190 mm 
 Centrifuge tubes 35 ml pack of 12 Kimble Kontes 
 Centrifuge tubes 38 ml round, PPCO 
 Centrifuge tubes 50 ml conical, PC 
 Centrifuge tubes 50 ml conical, PP 
 Centrifuge tubes 50 ml non-sterile, 29 x 117 mm pack of 500 
 Centrifuge tubes 98x17 mm, DURAN® 10-15 ml, round bottom, rimless, non graduated, cylindrical, pack of 100 
 Centrifuge tubes Eco 50 ml, non-sterile, 30 x 115 mm, pack of 100 
 Centrifuge tubes PP 30ml, 20x100mm without stopper 
 Centrifuge tubes PPCO 16ml, round 
 Centrifuge tubes PPCO 50ml round 
Centrifuge tubes Type 3117, PC 
 Centrifuge tubes, 10 ml, PC with screw caps 
 Centrifuge tubes, 100x16 mm, 13 ml pack of 500, PP, with stopper 
 Centrifuge tubes, 25 ml pack of 500 white 
 Centrifuge tubes, 75 ml, 35x100 mm PP, with rim, conical, without stopper 
 Centrifuge tubes, round bottom, PS 
 Centrifuge tubes, sterilized/unsterilized, PP 
 Centrifugetubes 50 ml round, PPCO, with border 
 Conical test and centrifuge tubes, PP, graduated 
 Culture tubes 16x100 mm pack of 6 
 Disposable test tubes with screw caps, PP/PE 
High speed centrifuge tube, borosilicate glass 
LLG-Container blue, 81 posiiton,with firmly integr devider for screw neck vials N 8, N 9, N 10 // crimp/snap ring vials N 11, o 
LLG-Polypropylene Snap Ring Vial N 11-03 PP 0.3 ml, O.D.: 11.6 mm, outer height: 32 mm, transparent, with inner cone pack of 10 
 Micro-centrifuge tubes 1,5 ,ml with attached cap, pack of 500 
 Microcentrifuge tube holder assorted colors aid tube identification pack of 100 
 Microcentrifuge tube, 0.65 ml pre-lubricated, pack of 500 
 Microcentrifuge tube, 0.65 ml snap cap, clear, pack of 1000 
 Microcentrifuge tube, 2.0 ml snap cap, clear, pack of 1000 
 Mikro-Pinzette 115 mm, gebogen anatomisch, antimagnetisch 
 Oak-ridge centrifuge tubes 10ml with screw PPCO 
 OAK-ridge centrifuge tubes 50ml PPCO with cap 
 Oak-Ridge-centr.tubes 16ml SV, PPCO 
 Oak-Ridge-centr.tubes 16ml, SV, PC 
 Oak-Ridge-centr.tubes 30ml SV, PPCO 
 Oak-Ridge-centr.tubes 30ml, SV, PC 
 Oak-Ridge-centr.tubes 50 ml SV, PSF 
 Oak-Ridge-centr.tubes 50ml, SV, PC 
 Ozonmasken FFP2 bis zum 10-fachen des Grenzwertes mit Cool-Flow Ausatemventil, VE=10 
 PC-tubes 152x16mm 20 ml, pack of 1500 
 Polypropylene DRY-SPIN Bottle VE=6 
 PP-tubes 100x16mm 12 ml, non sterile, with srewcap, round bottom, pack of 900 
 PP-tubes 75x12mm 5 ml, sterile, round bottom pack of 1000 
 PP-tubes 77x17mm 12 ml, pack of 2000 
 PP-tubes 77x17mm 12 ml, sterile, with screwcap, round bottom, pack of 1000 
 PP-tubes 95x18mm 14 ml, sterile, with srewcap, round bottom, pack of 800 
 PS-tubes 100x13mm 7 ml, clear, pack of 1400 
 PS-tubes 100x16mm 12 ml, long conical, pack of 1600 
 PS-tubes 16 ml, 22x63 mm glass clear, pack of 1500 
 PS-tubes 28 ml, 26x64 mm glass clear, flat bottom pack of 1500 
 PS-tubes 38x6mm 0,6 ml, glass clear, pack of 5000 
 PS-tubes 56x31mm pack of 1300 
 PS-tubes 57x41mm pack of 800 
 PS-tubes 65x16mm 6.5 ml, clear, pack of 1800 
 PS-tubes 77x17mm 12 ml, clear, pack of 2000 
 Reagent and centrifuge tube, PP,10 ml L: 92 mm, Ø 15 mm, 
 Schlauchrohrverbinder WES, 8mm Gewinde 1/8' 
 screw tube 13 ml, 101 x 16,5 mm, PP, with closing, pack of 1000 
 Spin-X®, 2 ml, 0.22 μm CA, sterile, pack of 96 
 Support cushion for 250 ml centrifuge tubes pack of 6 
 Tubes 10 ml, 100 x 16 mm, PP, with cap, pack of 1000 
 Tubes 50 ml conical, graduated, pack of 500 
 Tubes with cap, 14 ml, PP, round bottom pack of 500, 100x17 mm, sterile 
 Tubes, 14 ml, PP round bottom, sterile, pack of 1000 
 Tubes, 83x36 mm, PS pack of 605 
Wide-mouth centrifuge bottles Typ 3141, PP-copolymer 
 Zentrifugal Filtereinheiten Amicon® Ultra-15 10K NMWL, VE=24 
 Zentrifugal Filtereinheiten Amicon® Ultra-4 30K NMWL, VE=24 
 Zentrifugenglas 16x100mm, 12 ml Rundboden, glatter Rand, einheitl.Gewicht, grad. bis 10 ml in 1/10 Teil. 
 Zentrifugenglas 24x100mm, 23 ml Rundboden, mit Gewinde und Schraubkappe, GL 25 
 Zentrifugenglas 24x100mm, 25 ml Rundboden, glatter Rand, einheitl.Gewicht 
 Zentrifugenglas 34x100mm, 45 ml Rundboden, mit Gewinde und Schraubkappe, GL 25 
 Zentrifugenglas ASTM Blaubrand Boro 3.3, 100 ml zyl. unten konisch wie 362038 jedoch braun ***Sonderanfertigung***