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ASTM centrifuge tube, cylindrical, with conical base, borosilicate glass 3.3 
ASTM centrifuge tube, pear-shaped with cylindrical base, borosilicate glass 3.3 
ASTM centrifuge tubes for oils, with conical base, borosilicate glass 3.3 
ASTM centrifuge tubes, pear-shaped, with conical base, borosilicate glass 3.3 
Autosampler-vials, PFA 
Centrifugal concentrators, Vivaspin 2 
Centrifugal concentrators, Vivaspin 20 
 Centrifugal concentrators, Vivaspin 4 
Centrifugal concentrators, Vivaspin 500 
Centrifugal filtration units, Centrisart Ι 
Centrifugal unit / concentrator Vivaspin 6 
Centrifuge Bottles with Sealing Cap , SuperSpeed 
Centrifuge bottles, BioBottle 
Centrifuge bottles, PC 
Centrifuge bottles, PP-copolymer 
Centrifuge tube according to Goetz, pear-shaped, borosilicate glass 3.3 
 Centrifuge tubes 
Centrifuge tubes Oak Ridge, FEP 
Centrifuge tubes Oak Ridge, PSU 
Centrifuge tubes with conical bottom, borosilicate glass 
 Centrifuge tubes, 250 ml pack of 102, conical, sterile 
Centrifuge tubes, AR-GLAS® or borosilicate glass 3.3., ungraduated, with beaded rim 
Centrifuge tubes, conical, DURAN® 
Centrifuge tubes, cylindrical, PP 
Centrifuge tubes, glass, round bottom, graduated, DURAN® 
Centrifuge tubes, plastic, round bottom, PC, graduated 
Centrifuge tubes, PP 
Centrifuge tubes, round bottom, AR glass® 
Centrifuge tubes, round bottom, DURAN® 
CloneSaver™ Cards 
FTA Card Accessories 
Graduated centrifuge tubes, conical, PP or PMP 
High speed centrifuge tube, borosilicate glass 
LLG-Centrifuge tubes, PP 
LLG-Microcentrifuge tubes, PP 
LLG-Reaction tubes, PP 
Nalgene™ Oak-Ridge centrifuge tubes, PC 
Nalgene™ Oak-Ridge centrifuge tubes, PP-copolymer 
Sample tubes, PFA 
Sealing cap assemblies with silicone seal, PP 
Sealing cap assemblies, PP 
Snap caps for centrifuge tubes, PE 
Wide-mouth centrifuge bottles, PP-copolymer