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 A-valve disc, FPS 7000 
Accessories for Full face mask, X-plore® 6300 
 Accu NiMH 4,8 V / 3,0 Ah 
 Accus 1.2 V 1.7 AH, DWN3034 
 Acetic acid 2-50 ppm 
 Acrylnitrile 0.2/a pack of 10 
 Activated charcoal tubes type BIA, pack of 200 
 Activated charcoal tubes type BIA, pack of 50 
 Activated charcoal tubes type NIOSH 
 Activated charcoal tubes type NIOSH, pack of 50 
 Activation tubes, formaldehyde 0,2/a pack of 10 
 Adapter Aerotest complete 
 Adjustment valve Multi-PID 2 
 Aerotest Simultan HP 
Air Flow Tester 
 Alcotest 3820 
 Alcotest 6820 standard 
 Alcotest 7510 base unit 
 Alkali batteries T4 2 AA 
 Alkali-accomodation T3/T4 w/o batteries 
 Alkaline batteries AA T3 pack of 2 
 Ammonia 100-2000 ppm 
 Assembled printed circuit board X-am 7000 
Automatic tube pump Dräger X-act® 5000 
 Batterie pack T4 NIMH 
 Battery holder ABT 0100 for gas measuring unit X-am 5600 
 Battery LR6 Ex protected 
 Battery pack HC T4 NiMH 
 Battery pack with cover + 2 x NiMH batteries for Alcotest 6810 
 Bellows complete w 60 x l 135 x h 42 
 Belt can be decontaminated X-plore® 8000 
 Belt clip 
 Belt for car built-in holder (X-am 125) 
 Benzol 0,5-10 ppm (kalibrierter Chip) 
 Benzol 10-250 ppm (kalibrierter Chip) 
 Benzol 50-2500 ppb 
 Bio Check F 0,02-03 PPM, VE=5x3 Tests 
 Bio Check F VE=10 
 Blower unit X-plore® 7300 
 Bottle holder for DIN rail (X-dock) 
 Box for X-am pump 
 Bump Test Station X-AM 1/2/5X00 without proofing gas 
 Bump-Test-Station for PAC 1000-7000, w. test gas 
 Bump-Test-Station for PAC 1000-7000, w/o glass cylinder 
 Butadien 1-25 ppm (kalibrierter Chip) 
 Calibration adapter 
 Calibration adapter for PAC 1000-7000 
 Calibration certificate for Miniwarn B 6408000 
 Calibration cradle for X-AM 1/2/5000 
 calibration gas cylinder 112 l 100 ppm CO in N2 UN 1956, 2, (E) 
 Car charger adapter X-am 1/2/3/5000 connection cable 12V / 24V 
 Car charging Adapter for charger module 
 Carbon dioxide 1 - 20 Vol.-% 
 Carbon Dioxide 500/a-D 65-2500 ppm, pack of 10 
 Carbon hydride 0.1%/c UN 3260, 8, III, (E) 0.1 - 1.3 vol.-%, pack of 10 
 carbon monoxide tubes 50/A-D pack of 10 
 Carrying case GSG 
 Carrying case Wikra, for half mask RM 07000 
 Carrying FPS-Box black 
 Carrying strap for Parat 3000 
 Case for X-am pump 
 Catalytic sensor, cat Ex 0 - 100 % UEG 
 CDS-Simultantest-Set V 
 Charging module for X-am 1/2/5x000 without power supply 
 Charging set Basic (X-AM 1/2/5X00) 
 Chemical protective Overall Protec-Plus TF, size L 
 Chip ammonia 0.2-5 ppm (calibrated chip) 
 Chip hydrogen sulphide 0,2-5 ppm 
 Chip Styrol 2-40 ppm (kalibrierter Chip) 
 Clan Lab Simultest Set 
 CMC Trainings-Chip 
CMS hazardous gas detection 
 CMS-Chip for hydrogen peroxide, 0,2-2 ppm 
 Coarse dust filter for Rd90, pack of 50 
 Combination filter X-plore® 1140 A1B2E2K1HgNO CO 20 P3 R D 
 Combination filter X-plore® 1140 A2 P3 R D / reactor/nuclear P3 
 Combination filter X-plore® 1140 A2B2E2K1HgP3 R D Permit requirement for export from the EU 
 Combination filter X-plore® 1140 A2B2E2K2 HG NO P3 R D/CO 20 P3 R D Item is subject of export control. 
 Combination filter X-plore® 1140 A2B2P3 R D Item is subject of export control. 
 Combination filter X-plore® 1140 AXP3 R D 
 Combination filter X-plore® 940 A2B2E2K1P2 R D 
 Combination filter X-plore® 940 A2B2P2 R D 
 Combination filter X-plore® 940 A2P2 R D 
 Combination filter X-plore® 940 K2P2 R D 
 Combination filter X-plore® 990 A1B1E1K1P2 R D 
 Combination filter X-plore® 990 A1B1P2 R D 
 Combination filter X-plore® 990 A1P2 R D 
 Combination filter X-plore® 990 A2B2P2 R D 
 Combination filter X-plore® A2B2E2K2HgP3 R D Permit requirement for export from the EU 
 Combination filter X-plore® A2B2P3 R D Permit requirement for export from the EU 
 Comfort belt Premium for X-PLORE 7300 
 Comfort pad X-plore® 8000 for standard belt 
 Compressed air bottle 2,0l, 300bar, CFK 
 Compressed air hose (for breathing air) 5 m 
 Compressed air tubing EN139 10 m 
 Countersunk screw M4 x 6 DIN965 
 Cover glasses X-pect 8110 
 Cover glasses X-pect 8120 
 Cover glasses X-pect 8310 
 CSE set X-am pump incl. USB power supply 
 DAISYquick cleaning tissue UN 1987, 3, III, (D/E) pack of 10 
 Diffusion tubes nitrogen dioxide 10/a-D pack of 10 
 DIRA adapter charging module X-am 7000 
 Dosing valve (N) 
Dräger Aerotest Alpha 
Dräger Sampling Tubes 
 Dust set X-Plore 3500 cons.of: X-Plore 3500 M and Pure P3 Pad 
 E-Kit Chiller Oxy 3000/6000T 
 E-set dust / water filter Set consisting of: 1 filter, 1 hose connection, pump, 1 adapter, male 
 E-set filter connection (spout, nut) 
 E-Set Filter Parat C 
 E-Set Filter PARAT® 4500 
 E-Set pump membrane X-am 7000 
 E-set resonator 
 E-Set sensor filter pack of 4 
 E-Set upper shell X-am 5600 
 E-Set-Probenahmeeinheit 7410 
 Emergency escape breathing apparatus Saver CF 15 R45002, w. antistatic bag (black), steel bottle 3L/200bar, operation period 15 
 Emergency escape breathing apparatus Saver CF 15 Soft bag version UN 1002, 2, (E) 
 Escape filter device PARAT® 3100 with ABEK 15 filter 
 Escape filter device PARAT® 3200 mouthbit with noseclip, with ABEK 15 filter 
 Escape unit Oxy K 30 S incl.nose clampl, mouth piece and shoulder belt 
 Ethylene oxide 0,4-5 ppm 
 EX-Sensor CatEX 125 PR 0 - 100 %UEG 
 Exhalation valve disc 
 Extension hose-adapter pack of 5 
 External pump for X-am 1/2/5x00 pumps 
 Fan unit (IP 65) X-plore® 8500 
 Filter BelAir® 33 TM3 PSL R 
 Filter BelAir® 55 TM3 A2B2 PLS R 
 Filter box 40/91, grey for filter with Rd90 connection and masks with Rd40 connection 
Filter mask X-plore® 1700 
 Filter P R SL, X-plore® 8000 
 Filter PAS 5500 
 Filter TH/M3 PSL for X-PLORE 7300 
 fit-up aid Simultan. Set 
 Fixed pressure valve 0,5 bar, nickel 
 FKM-Schlauch -Abgabe in Metern- 
 Flexible tubing, hoods X-plore® 8000 
 Float probe, 5 cm, Hose + 5mm adapter 
 Float sensor set incl. 5 m FKM-tube (H2S) 
 Folded tubing TH2/TH3 for X-plore® 7000 
 Full face mask / pressure mask Inner mask size 2, standard connection M45x3 PE according to EN 148-3 *** export control *** 
 Full mask Panorama Nova PE Triplex 
 Full mask Panorama Nova silicone RA PC Item is subject of export control. 
 Full mask X-plore 6530 EPDM-L-RA Item is subject of export control. 
 Full mask X-plore® 6530 with PC-disc, ***export control*** Permit requirement for export from the EU 
 Full mask X-plore® 6570 silicone PC (NIOSH/EN) Permit requirement for export from the EU 
Full mask, X-plore 6300 
 Fullmask X-plore® 6570 SI/GE-L-RA *** export control *** 
 Fullmask X-plore® 6570 with PC-disc *** export control *** 
Gas detector X-am® 2500 
 Gas filter X-plore® 1140 A2B2E2K2 
 Gas filter X-plore® 1140 AX 
 Gas filter X-plore® 940 A2B2 
 Gas filter X-plore® 940 K2 
 Gas filter X-plore® 990 A1B1E1K1 
 Gas filters X-plore® 990 A1, pack of 5 
 Gas filters X-plore® 990 A2, pack of 5 
 gas measuring instrument Pac 7000 CO european standard, 0-1999 ppm 
 Gas measuring unit Pac 3500 CO European Standard 0-500 ppm UN 3091, 9, (E) 
 Gas measuring unit Pac 3500 H2S European Standard 0-100 ppm ***require labeling UN 3091*** 
 Gas measuring unit Pac 3500 O2 European Standard 0-25 Vol.% UN 3091, 9, (E) 
 Gas measuring unit Pac 5500 CO European Standard 
 Gas measuring unit Pac 5500 O2 European Standard UN 3091, 9, (E) 
 Gas measuring unit Pac 5500 O2 European Standard, incl. calibration certificate 
 Gas measuring unit Pac 7000 CL2 
 Gas measuring unit Pac 7000 CO2, 0..5% Vol. 
 Gas measuring unit Pac 7000 HCN 
 Gas measuring unit Pac 7000 NH3 European Standard 0-300 ppm 
 Gas measuring unit Pac 7000 NO2 
 Gas measuring unit Pac 7000 O2 european standard 0-25 Vol.% 
 Gas measuring unit Pac 7000 PH3 
 Gas measuring unit Pac 7000 SO2 
 Gas measuring unit X-am 2500 1Gas-EX 
 Gas measuring unit X-am 2500 2Gas-EX O2 
 Gas measuring unit X-am 2500 3Gas-EX O2, CO 
 Gas measuring unit X-am 2500 4Gas-EX O2, CO, H2S-LC 
 Gas measuring unit X-am 5000 Attention: modular system sensors need to be ordered 
 Gas measuring unit X-am 5000 incl. electr. double sensor Manufacturer, calibration certificate 
 Gas measuring unit X-AM 5100 
 Gas measuring unit X-am 5600 
 Gas meter X-am 2500 'FLEX' EX, 02, CO, H2S-LC 
Gas pump Accuro 
 Gas warining device X-am® 7000 
 Gasart-Farbaufkleber, gelb 
 Gasfilter X-plore® A2B2 
 Gassing kit w/o contents 
 GasVision 7 
 H2S-Sensor # 6810370 ersetzt 6809010 
 H2SER 100 Sensor 0-100 ppm 
Half Mask Twinfilter X-plore® 3300, Chemistry set 
 Half mask X-plore 2100 SI S/M, silicone, without filter 
 Half mask X-plore 2100 SI silicone, without filter 
 Half mask X-plore 4740 SI silicone, size m/l 
 Half mask X-Plore 4790 TPE size m/l 
Half mask X-plore® 4700 
 Half mask X-plore® 1330 V FFP3 NR D ODOUR 
 Half mask X-plore® 1330 V FFP3 NR D, M/L 
 Half mask X-plore® 2100 EPDM 
 Half mask X-plore® 2100 EPDM plus 5 filter FMP3 RD 
 Half mask X-plore® 2100 SI, size M/L plus 5 filter FMP3 RD 
 Half mask X-plore® 3300 size L 
 Half mask X-plore® 3300 size S 
 Half mask X-plore® 3500 size L 
 Half mask X-plore® 3500 size S 
 Half mask X-plore® 4740 SI size S/M, mask body from silicone 
 Half mask X-plore® 4740 size M/L, mask body from TPE 
 Halfmask X-plore® 1310 FFP1 pack of 20 
 Halfmask X-plore® 1310 FFP1 V pack of 10 
 Halfmask X-plore® 1320 V FFP2 NR D ODOUR 
 Hand pump adapert 
 Hard Case PARAT® 4730 
 Hard Case PARAT® 7530 
 HC battery and charge set (X-am 5100/5600) 
 head strapping 
 Headband M / L CR sw 
 High pressure whistle AirPack 55 bar 
 Hot air probe CH 00213 
 Hydrogen phosphide 0.1 - 2,5 ppm 
 Hydrogen sulfide 100-2500 ppm 
 Hydrogen sulfide 20-500 ppm 
 i-Propanol 40-1000 ppm (kalibrierter Chip) 
 Infrared sensor IR CO2 
 Infrared sensor IR Ex 
 Infrared-sensor IR-CO 0 - 5 Vol% 
 Infrarotsensor IR-CO HC 
 Input meter Pac 7000 H2S000 EU 
 Interfacekabel RS 232 9-25 Pac III inkl Adapter von 25 auf 9 polig 
 Kopfband, Silikon, schwarz 
 Lap belt (PES-FR) with fastener (1780mm) 
 Lap belt (PES-FR) with muzzle closure (1280mm) 
 Leather bag 
 Leather carrying bag for PAC units 
 Lithium Battery 
 Lithium-Battery (CR1632) 
 loading device with supercharge protection 220/230V 50Hz IP20, DIN 40 050 
 Long hood TH3 white, for X-plore® 
 Long-term battery X-plore® 8000 
 Mabox carrying case 
 Mabox II 
 Mains adapter 100-240VAC/1,33A (X-dock) 
 Mask spectacles for Panorama Nova and X-plore 5000 and 6000 
 Mask, Panorama Nova RA PC/CC *** export control *** 
 MDG Kit incl.gas sensing pump, spare par set and carrier bag accuro 
 Membrane silicone 
 Mercaptan 0,25-6 ppm (kalibrierter Chip) 
 Methylenchloride 20/a UN 3260, 8, III, (E) 20 - 200 ppm, pack of 10 
 Microchip measurement system acetone 40-600 ppm 
 Microchip measurement system ethanol 100-2500 ppm 
 Microchip measurement system methanol 20-500 ppm 
 Microchip measurement system Xylol 10-300ppm 
 Mobile printer 
 Mobile water and dust filters 
 Mouthpiece standard o. Valve Alcotest 3000 pack of 250 
 Mouthpiece standard w/o. valve pack of 100 
 Mouthpiece with breath back barricade, pack of 100 
 Mouthpieces A3820 pack of 5 
 Mouthpieces with valve, pack of 25 
 MTBE 10-200 ppm (kalibrierter Chip) 
 MultiTest med.Int. 
 Nebula cartridges pack of 3 
 NIMH-accu 4,8V/4,5AH for X-plore® 7300 
 NIMH-accu 7.2V/4,5AH for X-plore® 7500 
 NIMHY feed-in 4,8 V/6,0 AH 
 Nitrose gases 10-200 ppm 
 Nylon bag 
 O2 pressure controller (0-15bar) for Aerotest Alpha 
 Orsa Benzol 
 Orsa-Indoor diffusions sampler 
 Oxy 3000 MK (training device) 
 Oxy 3000 MK II hook strap version 
 Oxy 3000 MK II Hook, strap version with abrasion protection 
 Oxygen 1-30 Vol% (calibrated chip) 
 Ozone 25-1000 PPB 
 Packung Gummikappen 
 Painting set X-Plore 3300 cons.of: X-Plore 3300 M and A2P3 filter 
 PARAT® 5510 Single Pack fire emergency mask 
 Particle filter 1140 P3 R (incinerable) 
 Particle filter X-plore® Pure P3 R 
Particle Filtering Face Pieces Dräger X-plore® 1700+ 
 Particll filter X-plore® 2100 pack of 20 
 Partikelfilter 882 FMP3 D/P3/P100 VE=25 
 PAS Filter 3000 P 
 PAS X-plore without belt 
 Petrol hydrocarbon 100-3000 ppm 
 Phosgene 0.05-2 ppm (calibrated chip) 
 Photoionization sensor SmartPID 0-2000ppm 
 Plastic pin 
 Plug-in power supply 12 V / 500 mA 
 Power pack (world-wide) with flexible cord for charger plates 
 Power supply 600mA/11V to charge the NiMH batteries + Li-ion battery with Alcotest 7510 
 Pre-filter for X-PLORE 7300, pack of 10 
 Premium hood, short (L/XL) X-plore® 8000 
 Pressure air clear filter cartridge 
 Proof gas 112 ltr. (H2S,CO2,CH4,O2/N2) UN 1956, 2, 1A, (E) 
 Proof gas 112 ltr. H2S,CO,CO2,CH4,O2/N2 
 Proof gas 58 l CO,CO2,CH4,O2/N2 UN 1956, 2, 1A, (E) 
 Proof gas 60 l H2S,CO,CH4,O2/N2 UN 1956, 2, (E) 
 Proofing gas 58 l 2% CH4 / 18% O2 in N2 
 Proofing tubes DR Chlorpikrin 0,1/a pack of 10 
 Proofing tubes Sulfurylfluoride 1/a 1-5 ppm, pack of 10 
 Propan 100-2000 ppm (kalibrierter Chip) 
 Protection foil for X-plore® 8000 hood 
 Protection glasses X-pect 8320 clear 
 Protection glasses X-pect 8515 
 PSS-AE-LA m. Polymer-Membran 
 Pump adapter 
 Pump adapter for X-am 3000 
 Repalcement accuupack Flow-Check 
 Replacement crocodile clip for X-AM 1/2/5 
 Replacement disc for Respiratory protection full face mask 
 Replacement filter PARAT® 3000 for PARAT® 3100/3200, pack of 5 
 Respiratory protection full face mask PANORAMA-NOVA RA PC Item is subject of export control. 
 Rubber housing protection for X-AM 7000 
 Safety lead-sealing 
 Schwefeldioxid 5-150 ppm (kalibrierter Chip) 
 Security tag PARAT® 3000 pack of 50 
 Sensor CO - XSR 
 Sensor O 
 Sensor XS EC Cl 
 Sensor XS EC CO UN 2796, 8, II, (E) 
 Sensor XS EC CO 
 Sensor XS EC H2S 
 Sensor XS EC HCN 
 Sensor XS EC HF/HCL 
 Sensor XS EC H UN 2796, 8, II, (E) 
 Sensor XS EC HO 0...20 ppm HO 
 Sensor XS EC HS HC 
 Sensor XS EC NH3 
 Sensor XS EC NO 
 Sensor XS EC NO UN 2796, 8, II, (E) 
 Sensor XS EC OV 
 Sensor XS EC OV 
 Sensor XS EC OV-A 0-220 ppm 
 Sensor XS EC O-LS 0-25% (Vol -% O) UN 2796, 8, II, (E) 
 Sensor XS EC SO 
 Sensor XS-2 CO UN 2796, 8, II, (E) 
 Sensor XXS CO 
 Sensor XXS CO LC 
 Sensor XXS CO2 
 Sensor XXS E H2S 
 Sensor XXS E O2 
 Sensor XXS H2 
 Sensor XXS H2S 
 Sensor XXS H2S LC 
 Sensor XXS NH3 
 Sensor XXS NO 
 Sensor XXS NO2 
 Sensor XXS O2 
 Sensor XXS OV 
 Sensor XXS PH3 
 Sensor XXS SO2 
 Set sensor membrane for X-AM 7000 pack of 5 
 Set sensor seal pack of 5 
 Set Wall holder for bump test station, wall holder left, wall holder right 
 Short hood TH2 grey, for X-plore® 
 Silicagel type Niosh 
 SimulanTest Container Fumigation I 
 SimulanTest Fumigation 
 Simultantest-Set 1 Serie ARKH-0037 
 Simultantest-Set 2 
 Simultantest-Set 3 
 Smell filter for X-PLORE 7300, pack of 10 
 spare part set accuro 
 Speak membrane, complete 
 Special calibration increase of the alarm level calibriation interval 365 days 
 Speedometer for pump 
 standard battery X-plore® 8000 
 Standard belt X-plore® 8000 
 Standard hose, masks X-plore® 8000 
 Steckernetzteil 220 V zum Mini-Warn 
 Stickstoffdioxid 0,5-25 ppm (kalibrierter Chip) 
 Storage box X-plore® 8000 
 Strut silicone 
 Sweatband for X-plore 8000 Premium hood 
 Swim sonde w. 10m tubing 
 Telescope probe, pluggable 
 Telescopic probe 100, w. accessories 
 Test gas 103 l 2% CH4/air UN 1956, 2, 1A, (E) 
 Test gas 103 l 99,999%N2(UHP) UN 1066, 2, 1A, (E) 
 Test gas 112 l 0.9% C3H8 / air, UN 1956, 2, (E) 
 Test gas 112 L, 2.5% CH4 / Air UN 1956, 2, (E) 
 Test gas 112 L, 50% CH4 / N2 
 Test gas 112 L, 60% CH4, 40% CO2 
 Test gas 58 l 0.5PPM PH3/N2 UN 1956, 2, 1A, (E) 
 Test gas 58 l 18% O2/N2 
 Test gas 58 l 2,5% CO2/air UN 1956, 2, 1A, (E) 
 Test gas 58 l 50 ppm CO/air 
 Test gas 60 l 10 ppm HCN/N2 UN 1956, 2, (E)