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Analytical funnels, DURAN® 
Analytical funnels, PP 
Barrel funnels, PP / HDPE 
Filter funnel stands 
Funnel HDPE 
Funnel holder, chromated steel 
Funnel holders, PP 
Funnel stands LaboPlast®, PP 
Funnels acc. to Dr. Hirsch, porcelain 
Funnels general purpose 
Funnels, DURAN® 
Funnels, HDPE 
Funnels, PP 
Funnels, stainless steel Remanit® 4301 
LLG-Fast filtration funnels with internal ribs, PP 
LLG-Funnel holder, PP 
LLG-Funnel holder, stainless steel, with or without boss head 
LLG-Funnel, borosilicate glass 3.3 
LLG-Funnels, PP 
Powder funnels with NS cone, DURAN® tubing 
Powder funnels with NS-cone, PP 
Powder funnels, DURAN® 
Powder funnels, PP 
Sieve filter for barrel funnels 
Special funnel for powder, 18/10 stainless steel 
Urbanti TPX rapid funnels