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 Accessories for LABOROTA 4000 
 Accessories for Magnetic Stirrers - Heat-On Attachments 
Accessories for Magnetic Stirrers - Heat-On package 
 Accessories for Magnetic Stirrers, Reaction systems StarFish 
Accessories for MR series magnetic stirrers / hotplates 
Accessories for Overhead Stirrers 
Accessories for Rotary Evaporators Hei-VAP Series 
Accessories for shakers and mixers 
 Actuator motor 
 Additional guard hood and coating of glassware for your Hei-VAP Package 
Analog Pump drive PD 5001/5006 
 Anchor-Type impeller AR 19 
Automatic Module - Hei-VAP Distimatic 
 Auxilliary tool 8/12/18 
 Basic PCB for Hei-VAP, Adv./Prec 
 BOLA screw connection GL 25 for evaporator glass-set 
 Bolting cpl. big 
 Bolting cpl. big (AL/ceram.) 
 Bottle holder REAX 20 ***custom made product*** 
 Cable complete UK RZR1 UK version 
 Cable harness 
 Cable RS232 (15-pin) for MR Hei-End 
 Capacitor motor cpl. 
 Capillary tube controller OB 4000 
 Capillary tube controller WB 
 Cappilary tube limiter 
 Cassette set for large-scale evaporators without flask 
 Clamping sleeve 
 Clamping sleeve (LR 4000) 
 Condenser (motor) 
 Condenser motor 230 V/ 50 Hz 
 Connecting cable (HB) 
 Connecting cable 230V/50Hz for LR 4000-4003 
 Control knob precision 
 Control line HB 4000 Control 
 cover Cpl. For pumphead SP-standard 
 Cross clamp 
 Cutting rotor 
 Cutting rotor 
 Distimatic Industrial Automatic module w/o backlog extraction 
 Distimatic Industrial Automatic module with backlog extraction and glass set R 
 Distimatic Industrial incl. automatic drainage of residue and Hei-VAP industrial with glassware set A1 
 Distributor with valves LR20con 
 Drive Unit UNIMAX 1010 new 
 Evaporating flask 50 ml with NS 29/32 
 Evaporating flask 5000 ml NS 29/32 
 Evaporator Flask 100 ml for Glassware Set V-Mikro 
 Evaporator Flask 100 ml NS 29/32 
 Evaporator flask 1000ml NS 29/32 for glass set V1 and V1/B 
 Evaporator Flask 2000 ml NS 29/32 
 Evaporator Flask 250 ml for Glassware Set V-Mikro 
 Evaporator flask 3000 ml NS 24/29 
 Evaporator flask 3000 ml NS 29/32 
 Evaporator Flask 50 ml for Glassware Set V-Mikro 
 Evaporator Flask 500 ml NS 29/32 
 Evaporator piston 10 liters 
 Float switch outside of the heating bath 
 Foot for shaker (Multi Reax) 
 Fork type light barrier 
 Front panel (Unimax 2010) 
 Gear lift motor cpl. 
Generator for Homogeniser SilentCrusher M 
Generators Homogeniser SilentCrusher S 
 Guiderail (centric) 
 Half-Moon impeller HR 18 
 Heat-On 100 ml attachment with lateral recesses for 3-neck flasks 
 Hei-TORQUE 100 Precision 
 Hei-TORQUE 100 Value EU plug 
 Hei-TORQUE 100 Value UK plug 
 Hei-TORQUE 200 Precision 
 Hei-TORQUE 200 Value 
 Hei-TORQUE 400 Precision EU plug 
 Hei-TORQUE 400 Precision-UK with UK plug 
 Hei-TORQUE 400 Value 
 Hei-TORQUE 400 Value-UK with UK plug 
Hei-VAP Advantage 
 Hei-Vap Advantage HL/G1 115V, 50/60 Hz 
 Hei-Vap Advantage HL/HB/G1-UK 230V, 50/60 Hz with UK plug 
 Hei-Vap Advantage HL/HB/G3-UK 230V, 50/60 Hz with UK plug 
 Hei-Vap Advantage HL/HB/G6B-UK 230V, 50/60 Hz with UK plug 
 Hei-VAP Gold 4 Paket rotary, evaporator set, EU-Plug 
Hei-VAP Precision 
 Hei-Vap Precision ML/HB/G3 115V, 50/60 Hz 
Hei-VAP Value 
 Hei-VAP Value Digital HL/G3 115V, 50/60 Hz 
 Hei-VAP Value Digital HL/G3B-CH 230V, 50/60 Hz with swiss plug 
 Hei-VAP Value HL/HB/G1-CH with swiss plug 
 Hei-VAP Value HL/HB/G3-CH with swiss plug 
 Hei-VAP Value HL/HB/G3B-CH with swiss plug 
 High-speed snap fastener for DN 100 
 Hose connector Y-shape for 8mm 
 Hose set for LABOROTA 20 / Hei-VAP Industrial 
 Idler gear assembly for evaporator (LR 4000) 
Impellers for Overhead Stirrers 
Impellers VISCO JET® 
Incubator 1000, suitable for Heidolph Platform Shakers 
 Indexing disk assembly cpl. LR 4000/3 
 Insert ring small 
 Interface cable RS232 (15Pin/Bu9) 
 Joint threaded KS 64 coated 
 Knurled head bolt 
 Knurled knob M5x10 
 Laboratory agitator RZR 1 with collet chuck 8,5 115V/60Hz 
 Laboratory agitator RZR 1-UK with collet chuck 8,5 with UK plug 
Large-scale rotary evaporators Hei-VAP Industrial 
 Level Sensor cpl. (water) 
 Lid cpl. (G5S+R) 
 Magnetic stirrer Hei-End incl.Pt1000 temperature probe 115V, 50/60Hz 
 Magnetic stirrer Hei-End-CH with swiss plug 
 Magnetic stirrer Hei-End-UK incl.Pt1000 temperature probe with UK plug 
 Magnetic stirrer Hei-End-UK with North American plug 110V/60H 
 Magnetic stirrer Hei-Mix S 115 V, 60 Hz 
 Magnetic stirrer Hei-Tec incl.Pt1000 temperature probe with UK-Plug 
 Magnetic stirrer Hei-Tec incl.Pt1000 temperature probe, holding rod and clamp, 115V/600W/50Hz 
 Magnetic stirrer Hei-Tec-CH incl.Pt1000 temperature probe, holding rod and clamp, with CH plug 
 Magnetic stirrer Hei-Tec-CH round plate with swiss plug 
 Magnetic stirrer Hei-Tec-UK incl.Pt1000 temperature probe, holding rod and clamp, with UK plug 
Magnetic stirrers without heating 
Magnetic stirring hotplates MR Hei-Standard / Hei-Tec / Hei-End 
Mechanical Stirrers RZR series 
 Micro switch cpl. 
 Microtiter plate shaker Titramax 100-UK max. 4 microtiter plates,orbit 1.5 mm 245x285x125 mm 
 Micto switch cpl. 
 Motor drive LR 4000-4003 
MR Plug & Play Packages 
MR Plug & Play Packages 
Multi-channel pumps C4 / C8 / C12 
 O-Ring rotor shaft FKM 
Overhead shaker Reax 20 
 PCB Electr. cpl. HB 4000 digital 
 PCB-Base for MR Hei-Standard adjusted 
 PCB-Base, 230 / 240 V for Hei-Standard adjusted with Index - 2 
 PCB-Base, 230 / 240 V for MR Hei-Standard adjusted 
 PCB-Basis MR Hei Standard 
 PCB-board cpl./ painted (HB4000) 
 PCB-Display cpl. for Hei-Standard 
 Peristaltic pump drive Hei-FLOW 5201 MK incl. adapter 
 Peristaltic pump Hei-FLOW 5201-UK with UK plug 
 Peristaltic pumps,speed 20 - 600 rpm,w/o.head with UK plug 
 Pitched-Blade impeller PR 39 
 Platform shaker PROMAX 2020 max. loading 10 kg. 115 V 
 Platform shaker Titramax 1000-UK shaking orbit of 1,5 mm for up to 6 microtiter plates, 
 Platform shaker Unimax 1010-CH -driving speed 30 bis 500 min -circular agitation with 10 mm Orbit 
Platform shakers Duomax 1030 - rocking 
Platform shakers Polymax 1040/2040 - wave 
Platform shakers Promax 1020/2020 - reciprocating 
Platform Shakers Rotamax 120 / Unimax 1010/2010 - orbital 
Platform shakers Titramax 100/101/1000 
Platform shakers Vibramax 100/110 
 Powder flask 1000 ml NS 29/32 
 Powder flask 2000 ml NS 29/32 
 Powder flask 500 ml NS 29/32 
 Power cord EU 
Pump drive PD 5101/5106 
Pump drive PD 5201/5206 
 PVDF screw connection SO 21124-8-1/4 OR 
 Refrigerated circulator RotaChill Large-UK with UK plug 
 Rotary button 
 Rotary button cpl. for MR/RZR S 
 Rotary button cpl. for MR/RZR T 
Rotary evaporators, Hei-VAP Value Digital 
 Rotary knob 
 Rotor shaft 
 Rubber sheet for universal adapter 
 Schalter zu RZR 2100 E 
 Screw cap GL32 
 Screw connection cap GL 14 
 Screw for metering valve with seal and O-ring (Distimatic) 
 Screwed cap GL 18, grey with PTFE gasket 
 Septa Solid 
 Set of seals Rotac Valve Control 
 Shaker ROTAMAX 120-CH 220 x 220 mm useable space with rubber mat -Standard- 
 Short-Circuit plug (MR Hei) 
Single-channel pump heads SP quick 
Single-channel pump heads SP standard and SP vario 
 Slip clamp S40 / S41 for Laborota 20 
 Solenoid valve PTFE / FFKM plunger 
 Spare part set for dispersing instruments 18F/G 
 Split pole motor for Titramax/Vibramax 230V 
 Stator shaft 
 Stay bar 
 Stirrer RZR 1 without speed reducer, with collet chuck 8.5, 230V/50Hz 
 Stirring system Visco Jet Crack 120mm, stainless steel 
 Storage (PTFE) 
 Switch 2 pin 125V, 6A 
 Switch 2 pol. 230/115 V, green with cap 
 Switch 2-pole 
 Switch 230V TP3251 (306P000) 
 Tension plate for Reax 20 
 Tension spring 
 Test tube shaker Multi Reax-UK with UK plug 
 Test tube shaker REAX-Top-CH with small attachment with swiss plug 
Test tube shakers Multi Reax 
Test tube shakers Reax top / control 
 Timer clock 
 Tube set 12m vacuum-, 12m water tube 
 Twist cable for EKT 3001 
 Vacuum pump ROTAVAC 20-UK with UK plug 
Vacuum Pumps Rotavac Valve/Vario 
 Vacuum Seal (PTFE/FFKM) 
Valve-regulated vacuum pump Rotavac 20 
 Vent valve 
 Vent valve for Vacuumbox Index 1