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Antigas eye protector 888 ***export controll*** 
 Bail glasses i-3 9190 colour: black/grey, lenses:PC colourless optidur 4C Plus 
 Bale glasses XC bolster: blue, glasses: clear, FB 
 Blue light filter glasses orange, black frame 
 Children Protection spectacle Type 511H frame blue, lenses clear, 2C-1.2 U 1 F CE, anti-scratch 
 Children Protection Spectacle Type 568 frame transparent, lenses clear, scratch-proof 
 Cover glasses X-pect 8110 
 Cover lenses astro OTG 9167 colour: blue, disc: colourless/UV 2-1,2 optidur NC 
 Ersatzscheibe futura 9180/9182 farblos/UV 2-1,2 optidur 4C PLUS 
 Ersatzscheibe skyper 9195 farblos/UV, 2-1,2 optidur 3000 UV 
 Ersatzscheibe skyper 9195 farblos/UV, 2-1,2 supravision HC-AF 
Eyeshield cybric 9188 
 Glasses cybric 9188 colour: black/orange, lenses:PC amber optidur NCH 
 Lenses super fit 9178 colour: black/transparent, lenses: PC amber UV 400 2C-1,2W, supravision excellence 
 Lenses super fit 9178 colour: black/transparent, lenses: PC gray/ UV 400 2C-1,2W, supravision excellence 
 Lenses super fit 9178 colour: navy blue, lenses: PC colourless/ UV 2-1,2, optidur NC 
 Lenses super fit 9178, blue frame, transparent viewing glasses 
LLG-Safety Eyeshields basic 
LLG-Safety Eyeshields blue 
LLG-Safety Eyeshields classic light 
LLG-Safety Eyeshields classic 
LLG-Safety Eyeshields evolution and evolution+ 
LLG-Safety Eyeshields lady 
 Loupe lenses "Rido-Med" 2,5x, Binocular, pupil distance 54-74mm, ca.350 mm 
 Mask spectacles for Panorama Nova and X-plore 5000 and 6000 
 One-disc protection glasses disc: PC, scratch proof 
 Orange glasses for blue light transilluminator 
 Over glasses 2800, EN 166, EN 170, PC, scratch-resistant 
 Over glasses OX 3000 acc. to EN 166, EN 170, PC 
 Over goggles 3-stage adjustable length strap UV protection discs 
Overgoggles Armamax AX1H 
Overgoggles uvex 9161 and uvex 9161 duo-flex® 
Overgoggles uvex super f OTG CR 9169 
Overgoggles uvex super OTG 9169 
 Panorama glasses 659/2 blue earpiece adjustable, clear PC 2mm, scratch resistant 
 Panorama glasses model 625, black/silver lenses: PC, colourless, 2mm, scratchproof antifog 
 Panorama glasses model 625, black/silver lenses: PC, grey, 2mm, scratchproof, antifog 
 Panorama glasses model 625, black/silver lenses: PC, yellow, 2mm, scratchproof, antifog 
 Panorama protection lenses, glass clear 
 Protecting glasses futura 9180 coulour:black, disc:PC gray welding protection 6 infradur 2.0mm 
 Protecting googles ClassicLine PC clear, Anti-Scratch coated, UV protection 
 Protecting lenses skyguard 9175 coulour:blue/grey, disc:colourless/UV, 2-1.2 supravision extreme 
 Protection glasses 
 Protection glasses 2721 AS/AF/UV, lenses: PC, grey 
 Protection glasses 2722 AS/AF/UV, lenses: PC, yellow 
 Protection glasses 2741 AS/AF/UV, lenses: PC grey, adjustable bail length 
 Protection glasses 2742 AS/AF/UV, lenses: PC yellow, adjustable bail length 
 Protection glasses 2800 AS/UV, lenses: PC clear, to put over correction glasses and/or for visitors 
 Protection glasses asiatic 
 Protection glasses JACKSON SAFETY* V10 Unispec II lenses transparent 
 Protection glasses JACKSON SAFETY* V30 Nemesis viewing lenses yellow/orange 
 Protection glasses JACKSON SAFETY* V50 CALICO* viewing lenses tranaparent, 
 Protection glasses Refine 300 2C-1.2, lenses: PC clear 
 Protection glasses Refine 300 AS/AS/UV, 5-3.1, lenses: PC bronze 
 Protection glasses super f OTG 9169 colour:black/green, lenses:PC grey welding protection, infradur AF 
 Protection glasses super f OTG 9169 colour:black/green, lenses:PC grey welding protection 3, infradur AF 
 Protection glasses super g 9172 colour: titan, lenses: PC grey/ optidur NCH 
 Protection glasses X-pect 8320 clear 
 Protection goggles 1,7 astrospec 2.0 9164 color:black/green, slice: grey, coating uvex infradur plus 
 Protection goggles 2751 AS/AF/UV, lenses: PC, grey tinted, adjustable temple length, soft nosepieces 
 Protection goggles 2820 AS/AF/UV, lenses: PC, clear, adjustable temple grade 
 Protection goggles 3 astrospec 2.0 9164 color:black/green, slice: grey, coating uvex infradur plus 
 Protection lenses A800 grey, lenses: PC clear 
 Protection lenses Millennia Classic bolster: black, pane: PC, clear, scratch-resistant 
 Protection lenses Millennia Sport frame: green, disc: PC, clear, scratch-resistant 
 Protection lenses Op-Tema frame: black, disc: HC, clear 
 Protection lenses skyper 9195 coulour:black, disc:PC amber/UV,2-1,2 Optidur NC 
 Protection lenses Solus AS/AF, lenses: PC, clear, frame black/orange, incl.mikrofibre bag 
 Protection lenses super f OTG 9169 colour:black, lenses:PC orange/UV 2-1,4 UV 525, supravision sapphire 
 Protection lenses super g 9172 colour: anthracite/lime, lens:PC colourless/ UV 2-1,2, supravision HC-AF 
 Protection lenses super g 9172 coulour: navy blue, disc: PC clear/UV, 2-1,2 supravision HC-AF 
 Protection lenses WINLAB soft bails black, acc. to DIN EN 166+170 
Protection lenses x-trend 9177 coulour: black, disc: PC clear/UV, 2-1,2 ultradura 
 Protection lenses x-trend 9177 coulour: black, disc: PC grey/UV, 5-2,5 ultradura 
 Protection spectacle 2846 AS/AF, lenses: orange, 2-1.7.3M.1.FT frame: silver, acc.to EN 166:2001 
 Protection spectacle SecureFit 600 SG/AF, lenses: PC clear frame: grey, + foam frame 
 Protection spectacles astrospec 9168 colour:blue, lenses:colourless/UV 2-1,2 1,2 supravision HC-AF 
 Protection spectacles i-3 add 6108 1.0 PC HC/AF m. Add, 1.0 dpt. 
 Protection spectacles i-3 add 6108 2.0 PC HC/AF m. Add, 2.0 dpt. 
 Protection spectacles i-works black, lenses:colourless, UV-protection 
 Protection spectacles i-works grey, etal free, UV-400-protection 
 Protection spectacles pheos 9192 colour: blue/beige, lenses:PC colourless, UV 2C-1,2, supravision HC-AF 
 Protection spectacles pheos guard 9192 colour: black/grey, lenses:PC colourless, UV 2C-1,2, supravision extreme, with bandeau 
 Protective glasses colorless design, colorless, DIN EN 170/166 1- F 
 Protective glasses Style color: black, glass: clear UV protection up to 400 nm 
 Protective googles Panorama, version blue, viewing glass colorless PC 2mm, scratch-resistant, acc.EN 166-168 
 Protective lenses 872, black standard-model 
 Protective spectacle 2-1.7 U 1 FT K N CE frame black/orange, UV525, lenses orange 
 Reading protecetion glasses "Ztek Readers", +2.0 
 Reading protecetion glasses "Ztek Readers", +2.5 
 Replacement lenses astrospec 9168 colourless/UV 2-1,2 optidur 4C PLUS 
 Replacement lenses astrospec 9168 colourless/UV 2-1,2 optidur NC 
 Safety Eyeshields 2730 
 Safety Eyeshields 2740 
 Safety eyeshields extrem light mint green soft earpiece 
 Safety eyeshields extrem light orange soft earpiece 
 safety eyeshields futura 9180, brown, lens colorless/UV 2-1.2, optidur NC 
Safety Eyeshields Pulsafe Millennia 
Safety Eyeshields SecureFit™ 200 
Safety Eyeshields SecureFit™ 400 
Safety Eyeshields SecureFit™ 600 
Safety eyeshields SPERIAN SP1000 
Safety Eyeshields uvex astrospec 9168 
Safety Eyeshields uvex i-3 9190 
Safety Eyeshields uvex i-vo 9160 
Safety Eyeshields uvex pheos / pheos s (small), pheos one 
Safety Eyeshields uvex pheos cx2 
Safety Eyeshields uvex racer MT 9153 
Safety Eyeshields uvex skyguard NT 9175 
Safety Eyeshields uvex skylite 9174 
Safety Eyeshields uvex skyper 9195 / skyper S 9196 
Safety Eyeshields uvex sport style 
Safety Eyeshields uvex super fit CR 9178 
Safety Eyeshields uvex super g 9172 
Safety Eyeshields uvex x-trend 9177 
 safety glasses ultravision 9301 HC/AF colourless, faceguard 
 safety glosses Op-Tema, clear fogban, frame black 
 Safety goggles Ultraflex 
Safety spectacles futura 9180 
 Safety spectacles 9161 colourless, lenses:colourless/UV 2-1,2 optidur 4C plus, antifog 
Safety Spectacles Dispenser 
 Safety spectacles Millenia Classic frame-black, glasses-PC, yellow, scratch-proof 
 safety spectacles, lenses made of PC with side protection, Side arms can be adjusted in length and are pliable 
 Safetz eyeshield super g 9172 colour: crystal, disc: PC colourless/UV 2-1,2 optidur 4C PLUS 
 Schutzbrille "Simplex" mit Seitenschutz, DIN 58 211 und EN 166 
 Schutzbrille Millennia Classic Rahmen: blau, Scheibe: PC, klar, kratzfest 
 Schutzbrille Millennia Classic Rahmen: schwarz, Scheibe: PC, grau, silber verspiegelt, kratzfest 
 Schutzbrille Millennia Classic Rahmen: silberfarben, Scheibe: PC, klar, kratzfest 
 Schutzbrille Op-Tema Rahmen: blau, Scheibe: PC, klar, kratzfest 
 Schutzbrille skyper 9195 Farbe:schwarz, Scheibe:farblos/UV,2-1,2 Optidur UV 
 Spare lenses, skyper sx2 9197, colourless/UV, 2-1.2 optidur 3000 UV 
 Spectacle frames for full-face masks C 607 height adjustable frame without corrective lenses ***export control*** 
 Spectacles complus black/red lenses: colourless, UV 2-1,2 supravision HC-AF 
 Spectacles cybric 9188 black-orange, disc colorless/UV 2-1.2 optidur 3000 NC 
 Spectacles cybric 9188 black-orange, disc grey/UV 5-2.5 optidur 3000 NC 
 Spectacles light black/red lenses: colourless, UV 2-1,2 Supravision HC-AF 
 Spectacles Polysafe 
 Spectacles skyper 9195 black, disc colorless/UV 2-1,2 supravision HC-AF 
 Spectacles vision black/red lenses: colourless / UV 2-1,2, Supravision NC 
 Spectacles winner 9159 color: gun, lens: PC colorless/UV 2-1,2, scratch-resistant, non-fogging 
 Spectactles Wave Disc colorl./ UV 2-1.2 Supravision HC-AV Labsolute® 
 ToraCCS Protection goggles, AS,AF UV,PC, clear, frame blue, w./o. earplugs 
 UV protection glasses LP-70 
 UV protection glasses LP-71 transparent 
 UV protection lenses millennia® sport frame coulour: black, disc: clear, HC 
 UV protection spectacles Premium 2750 lenses: PC, clear, scratch-proof, anti-fog, acc.to EN 166, EN 170 
 UV Prpotection spectacles Virtua grey, PC, lenses: PC, grey, scratch-proof acc.to. EN 166, EN 170, EN 172 
 UV safety glasses, SILIUM lenses, PC, scratch-resistant, anti-fog, antistatic, flex temples 
 UV-protection spectacels PRISM lenses: PC, clear, scratch-proof, fogging free incl. spectacle band 
 UV-Schutzbrille millennia Sport schwarz/grau 
 UV-Schutzbrille, 870 Scheibe:farblos/UV 2-1,2 EN-170 Fassung: schwarz, mit Seitenschutz 
 Welder protection glasses 9161 black/green, disc PC gray/UV400+IR welders protection 6 infradur 
 Welder Protection goggles i-vo 9160 black/green,slice:PC grey/UV 400+IR protection 3, 3 W 1 FTKN CE,infradur plus 
 Welders goggle 9104 welding security 6, uvex infradur PLUS black / green, colorless PC 
 Welding protection glasses Infradur plus 9116 welding protection: 4, Disc: PC gray 
 Work protective glasses C1 Basic according EN 166 
 Work protective glasses C3 Comfort according EN 166, Polycarbonate,