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Accessories for Dry Baths, aluminum 
 Accessories for Vortex Mixer Select Vortex 
AccuSeal Semi-Automated Plate Sealer 
Benchtop Shaking Incubator 222DS 
Digital Dry Bath AccuBlock™ Mini 
Digital Shakers Orbit™ P2 / P4 for 2 or 4 microplates 
Dry Baths, digital 
Electrophoresis System Enduro™ Gel XL 
Enduro™ power supplies 
Gel Documentation System ENDURO™ GDS 
Gel electrophoresis tank Enduro™ 96 
Microcentrifuge Prism™ / Prism™ R 
Microcentrifuge Spectrafuge24D 
Microlitre centrifuge, Spectrafuge™ 16M 
Mini Centrifuge Prism™ Mini 
Mini Centrifuge Spectrafuge and Slide Spinner 
Mini Plate Spinner MPS 1000 
Rocking shaker 35 EZ 
Shaking Incubators VorTemp™ 56/ 1550 
Thermo shaker AccuTherm 
Thermocycler MultiGene™ OptiMax 
Thermoycler MultiGene™ Mini 
Tumbling GyroTwister™ / Gyro Twister Ad 
Tumbling-Mini Twist and Mini Mixer 
UV transilluminators ENDURO™ 
Vortex Mixer Select Vortex