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2-way /3-way valves Laboplast® 
Accessories for Rotary Evaporators Hei-VAP Series 
 Automatic sensor for glassware set 2 
 Automatic sensor for glassware set V 
 Beaker flasks 
behrotest® Multi-sample Extractors for Twisselmann Extraction 
Cellulose-Extraction thimbles Grade 603 
 Complete Compact Extraction System 
Complete compact extraction systems, with heating 
 Cooling water valve, 24 V 031356 
Extraction apparatuses acc. to Soxhlet, with Dimroth condenser, DURAN® tubing 
 Extraction thimbles MN 645, pure cellulose 
Extraction thimbles, Cellulose 
Extraction thimbles, cellulose 
Extraction Unit for the Randall Method 
 Glassware sets PLASTIC + GLASS for Rotavapor® 
Hei-VAP Advantage 
Hei-VAP Precision 
Hei-VAP Value 
Hydrolysis/crude fibre separation set , behrotest 
InKjel M manually adjustable infrared digestion system 
Laboratory reactor LR 1000 basic / control Package 
LLG-Extraction thimbles, cellulose 
Micro-distillation system 
 Protective hood cpl. for evaporating flasks for LR40xx 
Rotary evaporator RV 10 digital 
Rotary evaporators, Hei-VAP Value Digital 
Serial Extraction Apparatus behrotest® for Soxhlet-/Fat-Extraction 
Soxhlet Extraction stillheads 
Soxhlet extractors, without stopcock 
 Steam inlet tubes 
 Under storage ring for cooler flange 
 Vacuum fittings, nozzles 
Vacuum Pumps Rotavac Valve/Vario 
Vacuum seal KD-22 
 Vacuum seals for Rotavapor® R-210/215, PTFE 
 Vapor ducts 
 Vapour duct 
 Wave ring seal FKM