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1Acid proof overall
2air conditioner (control cabinet air conditioning)
3Aluminum compound with O (Al, [H,] O) (lab)
4Anaerobic system (lab)
6Arm turnback
7artificial extension line
9Biochromatography (reagents,lab)
10Biotech. appl. (other, lab.)
11Bucket (lab)
12cable (halogen-free, <=1KV, copper)
13capillary pipette (laboratory)
14Capsule hearing protect.
15Cell counting
16Cell cultures (media, lab)
17Cell cultures (serums,lab)
18Chlorine, chloride (lab)
19Circular shaker (lab)
20Clamp (stand, lab)
21Clip ear protection
22Coat, smock
23colorimeter (PAT)
24conductivity electrode (PAT)
25Contact manometer
26Convertor (insert)
27Covered drum (plastic)
28Cross sleeve (stand,lab)
29Cryogenic (acc., lab.)
30detector tube
31dew-point meter (PAT)
32dishwasher (commercial kitchen equipment)
33DISPENSER attachment (laboratory)
34Dosing atomizer (packing material)
35Double sleeve (stand, lab)
36Douple spatula (lab)
37Dry nutrient (lab)
38Ear protection plug
39Electro chemical app. (other, lab.)
40Electrode (acc., lab.)
41Electrophoresis (reagents,lab)
42Enclosed safety glasses
43Extension line (power)
44Fabric (plastic)
45Face protective mask
46Fibre container (FIBC)
47Filter centrifuge
48Fine dust mask
50Five-finger gloves
51Flat bag (plastic, packing material)
52Flight mask (resp. protect.)
53Flow inducer pump
54Flowmeter (special system)
55Fluorescent light
56Forceps (lab)
57fork sensor
58gas detector (electronic, short-term)
59gas detector pump
60Gear pump
61Glasses (eye protection, parts)
62granulate (grit)
64Histology, cytology (lab)
65Hygiene control (lab)
66Impeller type mixer
67Incubator (lab)
68Information sign (sticker)
69Infrared burner
70Iron compound (inorganic) (lab)
71Lab. safety glasses
72Laboratory apparatus (other)
73Laboratory furniture
74Laboratory material, Labatory technology
75Laboratory table
76Lashing strap (packaging aid)
77Lid (plastic, packing material)
78Load securing block (EPS)
79Lubrication (fluid)
81Mandatory sign
82Mandatory sign (sticker)
83Manometer (handheld)
84Meas. instr., flow, volume (parts)
85Measuring gauge (pressure)
86Meter (gas)
87Microbiol. (bas.chem., nutrient,lab)
88Microbiology (fast tests,lab)
89Microbiology (prod.,other,lab)
90Microscopy (color reagent, lab)
91Microscopy (embedding medium, lab)
93mobile bar-code reader
94multiple plug w. junction line
95multiple-gas detector
96Originality lid (parts,lab)
97Oxygen (lab)
99PC , process computer
100PCR reagent (lab)
101perforated sheet metal (steel, alloyed)
102Photometer (other, lab.)
103Pinchcock (stand,lab)
104Pipette (glass, packing material)
105portable battery
106Portable battery
107Pot, vessel, container (other, lab)
108power pack connecting line
109power switch for starter combination
110Prepared nutrient (lab)
111Pressure bottle (lab)
112Pressure reducing valve
113Pressurized tank
114Prohibition sign
115Protective helmet
116Pumparound cooler (lab)
117Punched plate (iron, steel)
119redox electrode (PAT)
120Reducer (plast.)
121Respiratory filter, gas filter
122Respiratory mask (carrying case)
123Respiratory protective mask
124Safety boots
125Safety harness
126Sample beaker (lab)
127Sandals, lab. shoes
128Scoop (lab)
129Seal (pump, acc., lab)
130Shaking water bath (lab)
131Sign (rescue, information)
132Signal clothing
133silica sand
134silicone grease
135Skin care preparation
136Skin cleansing
137Skin protection preparation
138solenoid valve
139Spatula spoon (lab)
140Specimen jar (lab)
141spectacle glas
142Spectrophotometer (acc., lab.)
143Stand (complete, lab)
144Stand clamp (lab)
145Stand plate (lab)
146Stand ring (lab)
147Stand rod (lab)
148stationary bar-code reader
149Stereo microscope (lab)
150Stop watch
151Switch element
152Swivel screw fitting(plast.)
153take-off device
154Temperature (machine)
155test chip (gas)
156Test kits (environm. Analytics,lab)
157Test kits (lab)
158Thermometer (bimetal)
159Toothed belt
160turbidity measurement (transmission) (PAT)
161Union nut (threaded joint, parts)
162voltage stabilizer
163wall clock
164Warning sign
165Warning sign (sticker)
166Washer, ring (flat, crowned)
167Water bath (lab)
168working cap