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 3/2 W hose pinch valve 230V DC 
 6-fold distillation device for the determination of tritium ISO 9698 1x serial heating for 6 indiv. adjustable 
 Absorption jar ASH/SO for apparature KSO2 
Absorption vessel 
Accessories for cyanide distillation 
Accessories for determining the COD 
Accessories for Kjeldahl rapid sample digestors 
 Activated carbon for AOX determination 20g Shaking method 30 ... 65 ?M 
 Active coal 10 g for AOX-appointment 
 Active coal 10 g for sulfur appointment 
Adapter for heating blocks 
 Adapter for laboratory tubing pump control signal RS485 
 Adapter for vacuum connection for CN6 / Pos 10 ***custom made product*** 
 Adapter M 2965 
 Adapter MV 2914 
Adapter plug UKPA for operation of units with protection class I, incl.grounding conductor 
 Adsorption vessel with cock ASH 
 Air cooler LK1/K NS 29, short form, 550 mm long 
 Aluminium adapter AM250/942_2 for 250 ml flat bottom 
 Amendment kit DE 100 for DET-basis unit with accessories 100 ml 
 Amendment kit DE 30 for DET-basis unit with accessories 30 ml 
 Amendment kit DFE 100 for DET-basis unit 
 Amendment kit for Soxhlet-extraction, 30 ml, max. 12 samples 
Amendment kit for Soxhlet-extraction, 30 ml, max. 6 samples 
 Angle bolting R3/4 11,5 
 Angle hose clip, grey WES 04 R1/8" connection, 90° 
 Angle hose clip, grey WES 06 R1/8" connection, 90° 
 Angle screw connector 1/4" NPT 6mm connection w./o. nozzle, POM, black, 90 degree 
 Angle screw-in clip with NPT external thread 3T0025.32 DN08-NPT 1/8" PP 
 Angle screw-in clip with NPT external thread 3T250MN4318PP DN6-1/8" PP 
 Apparature for appointment of ethereal oils acc. DAB, czako cock with PTFE tap, meas.tube 1ml:0,01ml 
Aspirator Carboys behroplast®, HDPE 
 Aufsatzgestell AG 15 
 Auslaufrohr AR 5 
Automatic metering and titration unit DT 20 
 Backfitting kit ASH absorption vial with cock, absorption volume up to 40ml, 4-parts 
 Ball backflow condenser SFK 50 
 Ballon BK 20, 20 Ltr. blau mit Hahn und Niveau-Anzeige 
 Base frame with cooling water distribution 
 Base plate UG 5 50 cm wide with moving plate 
 Basic glassware set 
behr COD Heating Blocks 
 behromat platin electrode 
behrosog 3 Scrubber 
behrotest ® column elution unit for the elution of soil samples 
behrotest ® HTI 1 manual titration station 
 behrotest adapter according to provided sample DA1800211 ? 1. ***custom made product*** 
 Behrotest Ascension Pipe Filling Funnel 
 Behrotest canister set H2O 20 l with float switch for S & D units 
 behrotest COD/SMA Digestion unit for 12 sample positions with 250 ml tubes, autom. lift and external controller 
 Behrotest distillation bridge with drip catcher 
 Behrotest dropping funnel TT50/R with stopcock 
 Behrotest gas olive TL 1 NS 10/socket 8 mm for ASH/(CY) 
 Behrotest inlet lance MGL3/500R 
 behrotest insert frame for 12x100 ml tubes in the inkjel 
 Behrotest outlet tap AL15K with PTFE spindle 
 Behrotest pH combination electrode for titrator TB2 without cable 
 behrotest pH electrode with pocket meter ***custom made product*** 
 Behrotest reflux distillation cooler with flexible flow 
 behrotest smoking device for 12x100 ml tubes in the inkjel 
behrotest® CF 2+2 and CF 6, Semi-automatic Crude Fibre Extraction 
behrotest® compact equipment for elution of solid matters 
behrotest® flow-through unit, Aquabox 
behrotest® Multi-sample Extractors for Twisselmann Extraction 
behrotest® Transport Cart 
behrotest® waste water mixers 
behrotest® water samplers 
behrotest® WD 30 Cooling Monitor 
 Behrotest® Apparatus for the Phenol destillation complete for 5 sample positions 
 Behrotest® steep breast bottle 1000ml Spare part for extraction unit EX 1000 
 Black viton seal type VM 
 Blending bed resin 
BOD bottles with stoppers 
BOD funnel bottle 
BOD meters Type KF 12, accessory funnel bottle 
Boiling stones behrotest® 
 Bolt for extraction ED 
 Bolting D 65 white, w/o sealing 
Bottles (Karlsruhe bottles) with stoppers 
Bottles, HDPE 
 Bowl sampling bottles RK1000/GT-S 1000 ml, wide mouth with closure and PTFE insert, with black cap, clear glass, pack of 10 
BSB mixing equipment 
 Built-in thermostat heatTHERM Temperatureconnection, 70-130 degrees; 230 / 16AN 
 Burning dishes H 13 80x13x9mm, porcellaine, open, not glazed, with eye-loop, pack of 1000 
 Button DIN 319 
 Cable make heating blocks silicone line 3 x 1,5mm2 2m, with plug 
 Calcimeter column connection top with venting tap 
 Calcimeter SCM1 acc. Scheibler methode ISO 10693 for 1 probe 
 Calcimeter SCM5 acc. Scheibler methode ISO 10693 for 5 probes 
 Canister, nature, PE, GKW 60, 60 Ltr. UN-certified, screw-on cap 
Carboys, HDPE 
Carboys,PE,blue,cap. 5 ltrs, with level display tube and stopcock 
 Cartridge cap for Mixed bed cartridges E28D/E40D 
 Cartridge E 28 D without resin filling 
Circulating thermostat for thermostatting of BOD diluting water, 20°C, UT 12 
 Clamping ring, magnetic for hot extractions, 1.4021 
COD cooling trough 
COD magnetic stirrer 
COD metering funnel 
COD sample digestion units PA-CSB 
 COD test unit to control the heating temperature (B00217902, B00217903, B00696768) 
 COD workplaces, max 24 samples 
COD workstations, PB-CSB/M 
 Coil cooler PSK 1 for phenol and ammonia-nitrogen distillation 
 Cold finger for raw fiber or hydrolysis 
 Collection sump AWLS for leak detector LS191 
 Collet turning head 
Columnelution unit SEB 32 for soil samples to LUA recommendations 
 Combustion boats for AXS 48, quartz glass 
 Compact apparatus KOL2 for determination of essential oils acc. DAB with flask 1000 ml 
Compact digestion and separation systems 
Compact system for determination of volatile oils KOL 
Compact system for determination of water content 
Compact system KAS for arsenic determination 
Compact system KSMA for heavy metal digestion with aqua regia 
 Compact system KSTA 2 for air-stripping of soluble and readily liberated sulfide, 2 sample positions 
 Compact system KSTA for air-stripping of soluble and readily liberated sulfide, including stand, flow rate meter, 
Compact systems for sulphur dioxide determination, KSO/SO 
 Complete apparatus for elution of solid matters for 1 sample acc. to DIN 19528-2007-10, incl. pump ***Special design with strai 
Complete Compact Extraction System 
Complete compact extraction systems, with heating 
Complete Cyanide Distillation Unit, 6 Sample Places 
 Computersystem for doser/titrator DT 10 Typ Dell dimension XPST w. Pentium III Proz.,500 MHz, 64 MB 
 Condenser RFKT acc. to Twisselmann 
 Conductivity meter for B5/B10, w. limit contact, without equipment 
 Conductivity meter GLB for B5/B10, w. limit contact, magnetic valve and tubing kit 
 Conductivity meter LFB w/o accessories for B5, B10, B25 
 Conductivity meter LFD for B10dN, B22dN, B45dN, without accessories, 0-50μS/cm 
 Conductivity meter LFWD for B10dN, B22dN, B45dN, for wall-mounting, 2m cable, w. hose set 
 Conical flask 500ml with NS 29/32 ***custom made product*** 
 Connecting pieces PTFE 
 Connector 8mm for tubing ID 6mm fast plug-in connector 
 Connector MV 1414 w. 2x NS 14 
 Connector, PTFE for hot extractions 
Continuous steam generator behrotest® WE 1/H 
 Control unit for Inductive magnetic stirrers 
 Cool water distributor block KV5/M 50 cm 
 Cooling holder for SMV 2914 
 Countersunk-head screws pack of 10 
 CSB-Control vessel 1 
CUS 2 clean-up-station 
Deioniser, behropur® 
Deionisers, pressure-resistant, behropur® 
 Destillation cooler DK8 for WD 20/30/40 and S-device 
 DET extension set DLFC free cyanide 
DET supplementary set DGL total cyanide 
DET-basic unit DBAS as basis f. amendments. 
 Diaphragm pump for NaOH, Device: S1-S4 ***Specify serial number+model!*** 
 Diaphragm pump NaOH complete 
 Diaphragm vacuum pump MVP 400 
 Digestion block for Block Digestion System K 20 
Dilution water containers for BOD depletion water 
Distillation unit FBA 
Distilliation system,5-fold series steam distillation 
 Distilling link with drip-catcher ***custom made product*** 
 Distributor attachment for hopper separators TSE 60 with stopcock 
 Dosing lance TZ 1624 K 
 Dosing mechanism DSA for BSB 
 Double IR-source 1500 Watt 230 V, quartz 
 Double suction glass for suction device K8 
 Drain board AB40, 40x40 cm PVC, with 30 rods, with drain pan 
 Drain board AB50, 50x50 cm PVC, with 57 rods, with drain pan 
 Drain board AB60, 60x60 cm PVC, with 69 rods, with drain pan 
 Dropping funnel TT 50/SOL for total sulphureous acid SO2 for round bottom vessel CY 500 
 Dropping funnels GLT 1 
 Dropping funnels, GLT2, for the determination of easily released cyanides 
 Dropping funnels, TC 1 for cyanide determination, with NS 14 core grinding 
 Electrode amplifier TYPE C/S 
 Electrode cable 2 m screw head connection, plug acc. to DIN 19262 AS 7/DIN 
 Electrode cable AS7/DIN screw head S7 - plug DIN, 1 m 
 Electrode pHSTAT22 
 Electrolyte solution "CL" 500 ml (80% acetic acid) UN 2789, 8, II, (D/E) 
 End cap for steam injection PTFE 
 End closure KLD 4N/SR for Deni-tank, spherical ground joint 
 Energizer with shortened Axis for row heater + inkjelM 
Equipment to determine anaerobic digestion 
 Erlenmeyer flask 250 ml narrow neck, Boro 3.3 
Exhaust Device, borosilicate 
 Extension cable 5m 8 pol. Mini DIN for cooling water monitor WD 30 
 Extension glassware set for ammonium-nitrogen 
 Extension glassware set for phenol 
 Extension PDA 24 for phenol and ammonia-nitrogen distillation 
 Extraction sleeves EX 100 HS for extractor EZ 100, package of 25 pcs. 
 Extraction sleeves EX 250 HS for extractor EZ 250, package of 25 pcs. 
 Extraction sleeves EX 30 HS for extractor EZ 30, package of 25 pcs. 
Extraction Unit for the Randall Method 
 Extractor AH 5 for KV 5 to collect nitrous gases 
 Extractor AH 6 for KV 6 to collect nitrous gases 
 Extractor EZ 500/H for 500 ml extraction with stopcock 
 Extractor EZ60 60ml 
 Extractor EZT acc. to Twisselmann 
 Extractor with tap 60ml 
Extractors for Soxhlet extraction 
 Extraktor EZ 30/H for 30 ml soxhlet extraction with stopcock 
 Fill-in funnel TT 50/SO, with cock 
 Filter crucible CFT30, 30ml with filter plate pack of 6 
Filter for behropur® mixed-bed ion exchanger 
 Filter plate 20 mm for BSB-dilution water jar VD(T) 30/60/120, Por.0 
 Filterplate BSB Ø 24mm for VD(T) 30/60/120, Por.0 
Filtration Device for Crude Fibre separation 
 Fitting for elution column GS101, for KEB101 and KEBE101, PVC gray 
 Fixing nut for steam connection S1 - S4 PP natural 
 FKM stopper 
 FKM tubing 1.6x1.6mm, per 5 meter 
 FKM tubing 3.2x1.6mm, per 5 meter 
 FKM tubing VIT PP55 4,8x2,4mm 
 FKM tubing VIT PP55 6.4x1.6mm, per 1.5 meter 
 Flat bottom flask SK 250 250 ml, NS 29/32 
 Flat ring gasket 24x14x2mm, with fabric insert, 3/4" GU70, black 
 Flow meter DFM, for digestion apparatus, 1-fold 
 Flushing device for doser/titrator DT 10 
 Foot switch B1 for PLP380/2200/6000 
 Frame for 18 tubes from 25 - 30 mm dia., for small Incubator 9.883 525 
 Front sticker InKjel "M" Energy regulator version 
 Gas cooler for Process fume evacuator BEHROSOG 3 
 Gas distribution GAV 5/M 
 Gas distribution GFA 5 with flow controller for air stripping cyanide determintation 
 Gas washbottle GW 250 MF 250ml 
 Gas washing bottle GW 100 with accessories 
 Gas washing bottle GW 250 with accessories 
 Gaseinleitungsstutzen MGL 3/250 Nr. 804851032 
 Gear rod with magnet for autosampler 
 Generator for water vapour, device S1-S5, up to year 10/2009 
 GL45 bolting for catching bottle with PTFE swivel, bolting 3/8" on 3mm with venting 
 Glass condenser, borosilicat 3.3 for hot extractions 
 Glass connection piece with fine thread and olive f. tubing pumps 
 Glass heating flask for WE 5 
 Glass lance 475 mm long Installation in 30 l PE canister 
 Glass part for fume exhaust AE12 
Glass set GSAB for the determination of alcohol 
 Glass spider for Fume exhaust manifold AE 6 
 Glass stopcock with ball ground joint with PTFE-tap, for labor.filter plant KLD4N/SR 
 Glass tube behrotest blue graduated, 0-100 ml: 0.2 ml for calcimeters 
 Glassware set GSAS for ammonium-nitrogen distillation 
 Glassware set GSNS for nitrogen distillation 
Glassware set GSPH for phenol distillation 
 Glow lamp preparation for Series heater R & / R4 
 Graphic LCD display 128x66mm 
 Ground closure cap 
 Ground joint attachment SA 29 
 Hand sample 1L Stainless steel, ladle from borosilicate glass 
Hazardous canister behroplast®, HDPE 
 Heat protection hood 
 Heat protection hood for 750 ml vessel 
 Heating block insulation set, 12mm CSB 12E / HT, 4 pieces insulation material cut incl. 100 ml HT-glue 
 Heating block SMA 24E 
 Heating block thermostat for 5 reaction vessels 
 Heating block-Isolation set, 12mm CSB 24E/HT 
 Heating block-Isolation set, 12mm DET5E/HT 
 Heating element 1500 W 
 Heating element 2000 W 
 Heating plate for series heater 230V / 360W 
 Holder for distributor and cooler for S1 - S5 
 Holding frame for 40 x 100 ml containers for digestion unit K 40 
 Hose clamp again. 15.3 to 13.7 mm SNP8, natural POM 
 Hose clamp spring steel clamping range 14.8-15.9 mm 
 Hose clamp spring steel clamping range 15.9-16.8 mm 
 Hose connector, straight, PP for 7-9 mm hose inner Ø 59 mm long 
 hose fitting f. cooling water distribution KV 5 M complete f. supply and outlet incl. sockets 
 hose fitting f. cooling water distribution KV 6 M 
 Hose guide for hot extractions, PTFE 
 Hose kit 2 m PVC hoses (12x2mm) 2 m PA hoses, red 
 Hose set f.cooling water distribution KV 5/M & KV 6/M 
 Hose set for cartridges E10dK, E28d (K), E40d, E60dK inlet and outlet hose pressure resistant 
 Hose spout with ball cut for laboratory wastewater treatment, KLD4 
Hotplates behrotest® with metal protective grille 
 Hydrolysis beaker 600ml 
Hydrolysis/crude fibre separation set , behrotest 
Infra-red furnace 
Infrared rapid digestion system with temperature control 
InKjel M manually adjustable infrared digestion system 
InKjel P infrared digestion system with 10 freely configurable programmes 
 Insert frame SG 12/B for 6 SR 2 in SMA 6 or SMA 6/HT 
 Insert frame SG 6/B for 6 SR 2 in SMA 
 Insert rack for Mojonnier tubes 
 Insertable frame EG 20K for 20 reaction vessels with 250 ml capacity in K-Block 
 Joint clamps 
 Karlsruher bottle KF 100 100 ml, NS 19, with collar without stopper 170-1,-2 
Kegs, wide mouth, HDPE 
 Kjeldahl digestion unit K 20 L 20 places for vessels 250ml automatic system with lift 
KOSTA 2 nitrogen station 
 Laboratory bottle with ISO thread 1000 ml with graduation, clear, With cap and ring without plug 
 Laboratory flask with ISO-thread 2000 ml, graduated, clear, with cap and ring, without stopper 
Laboratory purification plants to determine the biodegradability 
 Lateral turnout made of glas VK7 for S-devices 
 Leak detector set LS191 with control unit, water sensor, electrovalve, alarm buzzer 
 Level sensor board S1 - S5 conv. and SMD assembled 
Level sensor RW300 for acids and bases, length 310 mm 
 Lid for collet turning head 
 Lower bolting for Berotest elution column 
 Magnetic stirrer bar MS6 20x10 mm, egg-shaped 
 magnetic stirrer behrotest for calcimeter with 5 samples 
 Magnetic stirrer BSB MR 
 Magnetic stirrer IMR 1 inductive, 230 VAC, 12 VDC 
 Magnetic stirrer IMR 10E inductive, for calcimeter SCM 1 
 Magnetic stirrer, inductive, up to 12 samples, without controller, for the direct connection at DS 20 
Magnetic stirring bar behrotest, set 1 + 2 
 Maintenance-Set for Destillation units S1-S5 
 Male connector, PTFE straight D 3.0 - NPT 1/8 
 Manifold for suction device K20 
Manual titration station STI 
Manual titration station STI for nitrogen analysis with magnetic stirrer and background shield 
 Meadow tubing 4,8 x 1,6 mm 
 Membrane pump H2O-sample S3 - S5 complete 
 Membrane vacuum pump MVP 200 
 Membrane vacuum pump MVP 700 for DET 6 MAG, DET 11 and DET 11/HAT 
 Metering funnel DT 100 100 ml volume, with graduation and cock 
Micro Kjeldahl block digestion systems K 6, K 24 and K 40 
 Micro switch for IR-furnace 
 Microseparator H13-3/29 DIN 38409 
 Middle wave Infrared ermitter quartz glass, 375 W/ 115V, pack of 4 
 Mini columns with active carbon filled for AXS 48/SEII/SAE II 8x 43,7mm, pack of 100 
 Mini refrigerator with circulating air cooler especially suitable for dip slides (type description: KS) 
 Mixed indicator TS 1 l acc. to Tashiro Methylred and Methylenblue in water 
Mixed-bed ion exchanger made of stainless steel 
Mixing equipment BSB 2 
Mixing equipment BSB 4A 
Muffle furnaces behrotest® MO 8.0 
Multiple hotplate systems behrotest® 
Narrow-mouth bottles behroplast®, amber, PET 
Narrow-mouth bottles, Glass, clear or amber, PTFE-lined screw caps 
 Niveauschwinnschalter SW2 
 Non return valve PP tube ID 8-10 mm 
 Non-return valve for Steam distillation unit S3 
 Novoprene tube 4.8*8mm 
 NS stopper for reaction vessel STO 55 
 NS stopper with spherical joint 
 O ring 75 x 4 mm silicone, Si 820 
 O-Ring, FPM 
 Oil for linear bars DT 10 
 Olive black straight for water drain gas flow coated with PTFE tape 
 Olive black, angled 
 Olive black, angled for water drain gas flow coated with PTFE tape 
 Olive black, angled for water drain reduction with PTFE tape coated 
 Olive black, straight for water drain reduction 
 Outlet tube AR6 
 Peristaltic pump VLP6100 0,000067 - 3600 ml/min -please order pump head 9700435 separately- 
PET bottles behroplast® 
 pH combination electrode with NaCl and AgCl filling saturated with S7 plug head 
 pH-electrode K 855 unbreakable Epoxy bolt, with attached cable, DIN 19262 bushing 
 pH-Elektrode K 12 BNC 
 Pharmed tubing, 0.8x1.6mm wall, roll of 7,5m 
 Plastic handle ABS 250.1004 grey 
 Plastic olive, white straight, for GL 14 
Plastic stopper, PPC 
 Power supply for hose pump PLP 66 
 Power switch (large) green glow lamp 250V/16A with I/0 Imprint 
 PP beaker KS 1000 1 ltr., for sampling scoop PP 1000 
 Precision heating block thermostate SMA 12/HT for 12 reaction tubes SR, temperature up to 399°C 
 Precision heating block thermostate SMA 6 for 6 reaction tubes SR, 20...299°C 
 Precision heating block thermostate SMA 6/HT for 6 reaction tubes SR, 20...399°C 
 Precisions heater block for 12 reaction vessels SR, temperature up to 299 dagree C 
 Pressure switch 901.10 124F2 set to 200 mbar, Diaphragm: FKM, pressure connection 
 Pressure switch 901.10 124F2 set to 300 mbar, Diaphragm: FKM, pressure connection 
 Pt100 with aderend bush protectio tube: 4x40 mm CrNi 1.4571 500 mm, up to 400° Celsius 
 PTFE collars PTFE 29 for RG 2, SR 2 and SR 2Q set of 12 pieces 
 PTFE manchette PTFE 14 for NS-14 
 PTFE microadapter 100 ml for the use of different Kjedahl vessels 
 PTFE sleeve PTFE 10 for absorption jar ASH/CY 
 PTFE sleeve PTFE 45 for EZ 100 and EZ 100/Hahn, NS 45 
 PTFE supply line NaOH for S1 - S5, press-molded 
 PTFE supply steam for S1 - S5, press-molded 
 PTFE tubing 2.00 x 3.00mm ID 2mm, OD 3mm, strength 0.5mm -per meter- 
 PTPE tubing 4.80 x 8.00mm WS 1,6mm, 64+/-5 ShoreA -per meter- 
 Pump head 6-channel 10 rolls 
 Pump head cpl. for PLP 
 Pump plate S1-S4 
Pumps, vacuum / pressure, diaphragm 
 PVC drip pan for S-equipment S1-S5 in K-housing 
 PVC drip pan white 
 Quartz tube for CL 10 AOX 
 Reaction flask RAK 1000 1000 ml, with 3 necks 
 Reaction flask RAK 250 250 ml, with 3 necks 
 Reaction vessel 65/250 250 ml, flat bottom, NS 55 
 Reaction vessel 65/500 500 ml, flat bottom, NS 55 
 Reaction vessel 65/750 750 ml, flat bottom, NS 55 
Reagent metering unit 
Recirculating cooler for cooling water UK 12/1020 
 Recirculation cooler UK 12/2020 1900 W 
 Recirculation cooler UK 12/420 450 W 
 Recirculation cooler UK 12/620 
 Redox-electrode PT 5904 
 Reduction flask KOG 100 NS 14./23, graduated, 100 ml 
 Reduction flask KOG 101 NS 29/32, graduated, 100 ml 
 Reflux condenser RFK 2D 
 Reflux distillation cooler with flexible drain ***custom made product*** 
 Regeneration E 28 D REG water deioniser cartridge E 28 D 
 Regeneration Water deioniser cartridge D 140 DK 
 Replacement beaker 1000 ml GG 1000, wide outlet for probe slave 
 Replacement glass vessel GE 20 20 l, for QMR 20, with graduation, sampling acc. to DIN and AQS 
 Replacement thermometer 
 Replacement thermometer 100-180°C 
 Replacement tube 4,0 x 1,5mm silicone, connections angulate for tube pump PLP 33 / PLP 66 
 Replacement tube 4,0 x 1,5mm silicone, connections angulate for tube pump PLP 330 / PLP 1000 
 Replacement tube 4,8 x 1,6 mm norprene, connections angulate for pump PLP 300 / PLP 1000 
 Replacement vial GE 5 H 5 l, 330x160mm, for QMR 5 
 return cooler RFK 100 for 100/250 ml extractors EZ 100/250 or EZ 100/HAHN / EZ 250/HAHN 
 Return cooler RFK 30 for 30 ml extractors EZ 30