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 Autosampler BS 35 
 Black-and-white thermal printer 
 Blue light filter shield BF-LID-1 
 Capillary dosing pipette set of 5 pieces 
Chemiluminescence Imager CELVIN® 
 Comb with 12 samples, 0,75mm stark 
 Comb with 16 samples, 0.75mm strong 
 Comb with 24 samples, 1mm stark 
 Comb with 36 samples, 1,5mm strong 
 Comb, 12 samples 
 Comb, 16 samples, 1.0 mm thick 
 Comb, 20 samples 
 Comb, 30 samples, 1.0 mm thick 
 Comb, 8 samples, 
 Compressor AS 30 
 DC caper table, ble 
 DC coating unit, chromed 
 DC quick test set 
 Derivamouss® Transfer Pads 200 x 200 mm 
 Desiccator opener 
 Division chamber 200x100mm round 
 Drying rack, light alloy 
 Electrophorese chamber GV104 
 Electrophoresis chamber Derivapress® Standard 
 Electrophoresis chamber GV204 
 Filter carton 40 x 40 mm PU=25 
 Filter paper for gas compartment satiation 
 gel casting lock 
Gel electrophoresis tank, horizontal GH102 
Gel electrophoresis tank, vertical GV100 
Gel electrophoresis tank, vertical GV202 
Gel electrophoresis tanks, horizontal GH303 
 Glass plate recessed 
 Glass plate with 1,5mm spacer 
 Glass plate with 1mm spacer 
 Glass plates 10.1x7.3cm 
 Glass plates 10.1x8.3cm 
 Hg high pressure lamp 366 nm 
 HPTLC densitometer CD 60 
 IQ/OQ for HPTLC-Applicator AS 30 
 ProViDoc®-System DD 70 
Sample pickers for gel electrophoresis tanks 
Simultaneous separating chamber 
 Spacer 10x100mm, 0,75mm strong 
Staining tray for gel electrophoresis tanks 
 Standard separating chamber, TLC 200x200mm 
 Test solution, 10ml, four-colored 
 Test solutions, 10ml, three-colored 
 Thermoplate S Plus, 240x240mm 
 TLC separating chamber 100x100mm 
 UV permeably gel casting bowl 7x10cm 
 UV protection shield UV-LID-1B 
UV transilluminators with 1 wavelength 
UV transilluminators with 2 wavelengths 
 UV-transparent gel casting tray 
 UV-transparent gel casting tray 15 x 10 cm 
 UV-transparent gel casting tray 15 x 7 cm